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Eco-Engineering™ Cocona

Made from Coconuts.

Cocona® performance technology is based on activated carbon derived from coconut shells, a renewable resource. Each year more than 20 billion coconuts are produced to support the food, cosmetic, medical and filtration industries. Cocona® technology uses coconut husk waste - waste that would otherwise have gone off to a landfill — to make activated carbon.

Aids evaporative cooling and speeds dry times

The vast pore structure on the surface of the activated carbon increases the surface area of Cocona® yarns. Increasing surface area creates a wicking/siphoning effect on perspiration, picking it quickly up off the skin. We use these yarns in some of our Polartec® Power Dry® fabrics to enhance their next to skin performance.

Odor Management

Activated carbon provides odor management by the process of adsorption. Adsorption is when one material adheres to the surface of another material. The activated carbon is essentially full of holes. Organic odor molecules from the air are attracted into the pores and attach to the carbon surface. These contaminants accumulate on the carbon's interior surface, instead of finding their way into your nose. When the pores get full, they can be refreshed and the odors released from heated washing and drying.

UV Protection

Cocona® yarns also provide natural sun protection. Activated carbon absorbs harmful UVA and UVB rays, increasing the sun protection factor of Polartec® fabrics.

Washable and Permanent

Unlike topical treatments, Cocona® technology is contained inside the fibers. This will help retain or even improve fabric performance over the life of the garment.

Natural and Sustainable

Cocona® technology provides a natural, sustainable solution for fabric performance needs.

Polartec Eco-Engineering
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