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Polartec and American Giant Align on Quality and American Manufacturing

Polartec and American Giant are two iconic American brands, each established as leaders of quality in their respective industries. American Giant is a USA-made apparel company committed to quality and American manufacturing, and Polartec is a leading innovator in fabric development, with manufacturing in the USA. The brands have come together to produce a versatile performance jacket.

By using Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ fabric, American Giant has been able to evolve their product offering and create a product that looks like a premium cotton sweatshirt with the increased comfort and durability of a technical fabric. The stretchy and highly breathable fabric features a warm, plush, moisture-wicking interior, with a smooth and soft yet highly abrasion-resistant exterior. The Atlas Fleece Jacket brings the demanding fabrications required by the outdoor industry into the modern work environment.

American Giant is the made-in-USA apparel brand behind the “greatest hoodie ever made.” The company was founded in 2011 in a moment of opportunity: where the dissatisfaction with the apparel industry’s relentless march toward cheap global supply chain and abandonment of America’s manufacturing communities met with the internet, ecommerce, and manufacturing innovation. American Giant jumped in, confident in the belief that consumers wanted a choice and that there were still enormous possibilities in America’s factories.

American Giant makes simply designed, premium clothing for men and women with the highest standards of quality. Approaching each garment meticulously, they ensure high quality materials, fabric, design details, and stitching. The brand is reinvigorating the great tradition of American sportswear, while investing in domestic farmers and communities.

Polartec’s history began in 1906 in Malden, Massachusetts as Malden Mills. Now Polartec, today the company uses its 100 years of fabric innovation to develop category creating and defining fabrics used in the most challenging environments around the world. With factories in America and around the globe, Polartec’s global manufacturing network means it makes fabric closer to where it’s needed, with improved efficiency, quality assurance, and enhanced capabilities. Committed to furthering the science of fabric, Polartec sets the standard for performance and sustainability, with industry-leading investments in sustainable business practices.

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