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Polartec® Power Shield® Pro

The Ultimate Soft Shell.

In 1998 Polartec launched Polartec® Power Shield® and the soft shell revolution. It was developed in recognition of the fact that 90% of the time you are outside, the weather isn't that bad. So there is great benefit in giving up a little weather protection, in order to get a lot more breathability.

In 2010, we are building on that product history by adding real water resistance to our soft shells with the launch of Polartec® Power Shield® Pro. Polartec® Power Shield® Pro combines never before seen levels of air permeability with durable hydrostatic resistance to keep you dry both from within and from out.

After launching Polartec Power Shield Pro at the consumer level in Fall 2010, it has won numerous awards, including Outside Magazine and National Geographic Adventure "Gear of the Year" and others.

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Polartec® Power Shield® Pro

Learn why Polartec® Power Shield® Pro is The Ultimate Soft Shell.

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