Polartec insulation fabric technologies are available throughout all insulation design categories — Synthetic Fleece — Polyester Fills — Active Insulations. From the original synthetic fleece jackets to the most advanced high-output insulations, Polartec offers the widest range of fabrics specialized to keep you warm.


The Original Active Insulation Designed for Start+Stop Conditions.

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Alpha® Direct

Next-To-Skin Active Insulation Designed for Start+Stop Conditions.

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Fleece Series

The Original Synthetic Fleece, Forever Changing Outerwear Design.

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High Loft™

Highest Level of Fleece Comfort + Thermal Warmth.

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Power Air™

New Knit Construction Encapsulates Air + Reduces Microfiber Shedding.

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Power Air™ I-Beams

Power Air fleece forges a new way for warmth-without-weight insulation.

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Power Fill™

Made From the Industry-Leading 100% Post-Consumer-Recycled Content.

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Shearling Fleece

Bringing Advanced Functionality to a Classic, High-Pile Look.

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Thermal Pro®

Versatile Synthetic Fleece Styles + Applications.

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Wind Pro®

Advanced Fleece Knits Designed for Lightweight Weather Resistance.

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Thermal Pro®

A variety of knitting techniques create unique surface structures without sacrificing performance. The adapted look and feel still delivers the warmth and comfort of classic fleece.

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