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Power Dry®

Moisture Management

Polartec® Power Dry® is the most advanced next-to-skin moisture management fabric.

By using our proprietary bi-component knit construction, every fiber works with maximum efficiency. Moisture is quickly pulled away from the body and transferred to the outer surface for faster evaporation during activity.

Performance built to last.

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Available in at least 50% Recycled P.E.T. Plastic

Available in at least 50% Recycled P.E.T. Plastic

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Polartec® Power Dry®

Polartec Power Dry Fabric

Polartec® Power Dry®

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Polartec® Power Dry®

About Power Dry® Technology

Polartec® Power Dry® is engineered to deliver superior mechanical wicking.

This bi-component fabric technology is constructed with a hydrophilic interior to pull moisture away from the skin and transfer it to the outer layer. Power Dry’s exterior surface area disperses and releases this moisture for more efficient dry times. Continuous evaporation prevents saturation and regulates temperature in both hot and cold conditions.

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Power Dry® Q&A
A fabric construction which utilizes different properties of two yarns to achieve a special result. In Polartec® Power Dry® we use yarns with different surface areas to create more space for water uptake on the outside of the fabric which acts as a siphon to transport moisture away from the skin.
Wicking is a mechanical process dependent of the construction of a fabric, its physical nature and its interaction with water. Using certain combinations of materials and yarns can allow for some control of the direction water will travel in a material. Polartec® Power Dry® moves moisture up and away from the skin using complementary mechanisms of fiber orientation, capillary action and a hydrophilic enhancement.
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Mechanical Advantage

Rottefella & Polartec

Outdoor training during winter places demands on what you wear. So Rottefella created the ultimate training collection developed with Thermal Body Mapping. Using Power Wool, Alpha, Power Stretch, NeoShell, and Power Dry, Rottefella designed complete men’s and women’s lines for training in all weather conditions.

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