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Fleece Series

Original Synthetic Fleece

In 1981, Polartec® forever changed the way the world dresses for cold weather with the invention of polar synthetic fleece.

Polartec® was the first to knit, nap, and shear synthetic yarns into thermal fabric for outdoor apparel. Polyester fibers were engineered for more versatile durability. With greater resiliency, lightweight warmth and fast dry times, Polartec® fleece remains the industry standard for outerwear performance.

Outerwear’s Ultimate Game Changer.

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Available in 100% Recycled P.E.T. Plastic

Available in 100% Recycled P.E.T. Plastic

Available in at least 50% Recycled P.E.T. Plastic

Available in at least 50% Recycled P.E.T. Plastic

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Polartec® 100 Series Fleece

200 Series 6213 RC detail 4

Polartec® 200 Series Fleece

300 Series 6310 detail 4

Polartec® 300 Series Fleece

Micro Series 6120 RC detail 4

Polartec® Micro Series Fleece

Polartec Classic Fleece Shearling

Polartec® Shearling Fleece

About Fleece Technology

Nobody knits synthetic fleece better than its original inventors. Imitators have tried, but none have matched our standard of quality found in Polartec® fleece.

Premium polyester yarns are used for their hydrophobic properties, to repel moisture and speed dry times. The lofted structures create thermal air pockets to retain warmth, and still allow optimal breathability. That’s why Polartec® synthetic fleece is still the most dependable, versatile fabric around. Available in Micro, 100, 200 and 300 weights.

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Fleece Series Q&A
Fleece is a knitted material, which is magically transformed into soft, furry pile through a series of specialized surface-finishing techniques that were invented by Polartec. The raised pile entraps body warmth in its air spaces to provide exceptional warmth without weight.
Polartec® fleece is primarily made of post-consumer recycled polyester from recycled water bottles. We were the first to bring a recycled fleece to market in the early 90s and have worked to increase our use of recycled and other sustainable materials since then.
A special fleece utilizing the finest yarns to give the softest, most plush hand.
A lamb's ear. A kitten's belly.
Request a swatch of any of our fabrics by <a href="/contact-us">contacting a member of our sales team</a>.
Garments made with Polartec® fleece can be found in our <a href="/partners/marketplace">Partner Marketplace</a> or by <a href="/partners/where-to-buy-garments-made-with-polartec">shopping at e-commerce retailers</a>.

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Creating Fabric

From Recycled Bottles

In 2010, we began working with Repreve to take our commitment even further by creating 100% upcycled polyester fabrics. We have transformed more than a billion bottles into the next generation of performance fabrics utilized across our technology platforms. We couldn't have reached this goal without the help of many designers, engineers, activists and consumers dedicated to creating a better future of fabric.

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