March 16, 2022

Earth\Studies x Polartec®

Partner Product Release

Earth Studies Polartec BSH Biosphere2 Feb22 2385
Earth Studies Polartec BSH Biosphere2 Feb22 2412
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Earth Studies Polartec BSH Biosphere2 Feb22 2480
Earth Studies Polartec BSH Biosphere2 Feb22 2799

Earth\Studies Launches Cold Environments Project with Polartec

Earth\Studies, whose products serve as tools for people to explore their world with curiosity, creativity and expression, partners with Polartec to launch the Earth\Studies Cold Environments Project (E.S.C.E.P.). Knowing that the materials and energy of the Earth are in constant exchange, Earth\Studies wondered how to best participate in this limited system. Utilizing 85% recycled Polartec® Classic fleece to trap air heated by the body, insulating against lower-energy atmospheres, E.S.C.E.P. endeavors to solve for the realities of life outdoors while introducing as little new material as possible to the Biosphere.

Biosphere 2 is the second most significant experiment of its kind, testing the possibilities and limits of human cooperation with a closed ecological loop - after the planet itself. By observing the entanglement of the lives among the biospherians and the biomes, we witness a microcosm of the entangled systems of Earth, the original biosphere. With these lessons in mind, Earth\Studies is building a design process that recognizes these interconnections, accounts for the future, and maximizes the potential for human <--> nature communion.

The collection features Polartec’s high-performance, bluesign® and OEKO-TEX®-certified Classic 200 series recycled fleece, knit using 100% polyester fibers that consist of 85% recycled content. By selecting recycled materials, the pieces use what was traditionally considered "waste" to create something new. As the most premium classic fleece on the market, and with greater resiliency, lightweight warmth, and fast dry times, Polartec’s Classic Fleece series remains the industry standard for performance outerwear.

Earth\Studies looks to relearn the rules of life on this planet, believing that human experience and cooperation with the systems of Earth are the keys to bringing society closer to ecological viability. While “sustainability” in the purest sense is but a fantasy, the brand’s Experiments tinker, advance, fall short, and hint at new concepts of what clothes are for and how they are created. Earth\Studies experiments are built for movement, dreamed-of trails, cross-legged-boulder-pondering, and human expression, known by the brand as Experimental_Outdoorism.

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