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Modern Performance In-Sync <p> With Its Past </p>

August 18, 2022

When it comes to optimizing outdoor adventure, we can all take lessons from the Scandinavians. In Scandinavia you can expect some of the darkest, longest winters: a prospect many would shy away from. And yet the Scandinavians are consistently ranked as the happiest people in the world. Research suggests that this is born out of a love of the outdoors, together with a mindset that sees going outside as intrinsic to self-care. With the outdoors given such prominence, it’s no wonder that Scandinavia is home to some of the best outdoor clothing on the market.

Swedish brand Haglöfs is a protagonist of outdoor clothing that challenges convention. Headquartered in Stockholm, the brand started life in 1914; a vision of founder Wictor Haglöfs. “We come from Sweden” says Haglöfs, “a place where the outdoors isn’t just a far-off place, it’s in the fabric of our culture and community”. Despite its long, dark winters which can see as few as four hours of twilight at its peak, being outdoors is considered an important part of Swedish life. Rain, shine, dark, light, Haglöfs’ clothing has been built around what it knows best: extreme weather and vast, varied landscapes. The brand is committed to creating gear that will support anyone, anywhere whatever their outdoor adventure. You could say it’s in its genes.

A layering legacy

The Haglöfs’ L.I.M Series is based around a ‘Less Is More’ concept. When it was launched, the system challenged the common perception of expedition gear. Both materials and features set a new standard.

“When we launched the L.I.M Series over 20 years ago, we challenged traditional ideas about what is needed on an expedition and set new standards in terms of materials and features,” says Annsofie Jakobsson, Head of Design at Haglöfs.

Haglofs Feat Partner Pile Hood

This original L.I.M Series was founded on versatility and the belief that a versatile product is lighter to carry than a collection of highly specialized ones. Together with innovative partners like Polartec®, Haglöfs has been creating collections of clothing around this concept for the past two decades. Today Polartec and Haglöfs continue to collaborate, creating popular outdoor apparel that extends beyond the L.I.M series. Pieces like the Pile Hood made with Polartec® Thermal Pro® Shearling. Polartec Thermal Pro’s warmth-to-weight ratio is industry leading. It’s visually appealing too; known for its extensive range of knitting techniques of which Shearling is one. Good looking it may be but when it comes to fleece it’s at the top of its game performance-wise. Also featured in the range are recycled versions of Polartec’s popular Power Dry and Power Stretch technologies. The former with its excellent moisture management properties, the latter with its phenomenal stretch and recovery characteristics.

Today Polartec® is excited to announce the next incarnation of the L.I.M Series. Taking it to the next level, the L.I.M Series Z|T is all about Synchronized Performance Layering using state-of-the-art fabrics together with intelligent design.

Haglofs Feat Partner LIM Series

L.I.M Series Z|T:

A new layering concept that could see you experience 30% less humidity in your clothing

L.I.M Series Z|T has left the three-layer theory behind for a more versatile, Synchronized Performance Layering system. Every product in the Haglöfs’ new L.I.M Series Z|T collection has been designed and tested by ‘outsiders’ – a combination of scientists, designers and professional mountain guides - to ensure it lives up to performance expectations. And the results are in. On comparison to the testers’ favorite equipment, the L.I.M Series Z|T, when worn as a system, produced an average of 30% lower humidity within the layering system compared to that of conventional systems. But how?

The Haglöfs L.I.M Series Z|T, offers a new approach to layering, you could say a more synchronized approach. The system reduces the feeling of being too hot or too cold; a result achieved through meticulous design and a selection of innovative Polartec fabrics. The pieces supply outstanding functionality when worn individually, but true ingenuity comes into play when they are combined or synchronized.

The system works through intelligent base layer design, coupled with double mid layers: an inner and an outer. Comprising the L.I.M Z|T Sync 1 and T Sync 2, both are available in a jacket or hooded version. Let us explain how they work:

L.I.M. Z|T Sync 1 Mid Hood


Haglofs Feat Partner LIM Mid Sync1 Hood

This outer mid layer uses a combination of recycled Polartec® Power Air™ and Power Dry® fabrics to supply advanced thermal efficiency and moisture management. This jacket has been designed to deliver hyper breathability and humidity flow during high pulse activities. Power Air uses 100% post consumer recycled content and is a fabric that delivers warmth via a unique structure of encapsulating fibers in individual pockets. These small, fiber-filled pockets trap air, thereby boosting warmth. Proven to shed more than five times fewer fibers than traditional mid-layer fabrics, Power Air is an award-winning industry first. Coupled with Polartec Power Dry, Polartec’s most advanced moisture management fabric, a hard face for durability and weather resistance and an open structure for airflow, the Sync 1 Mid Hood really delivers.

L.I.M Z|T Sync 2 Mid Jacket


Haglofs Feat Partner LIM Mid Sync2 Jkt

The L.I.M T Sync 2 Mid Jacket has been designed to perform in tough conditions and is deemed the central engine of the system. The brilliance of this piece lies in the vital combination of three Polartec innovations: Alpha®, Power Air™ and Power Dry®. Polartec Alpha, which was originally designed for the US Special Forces, provides versatile on-the-go warmth. This is thanks to its stable, woven core that allows great breathability negating the need for constant shedding of layers. Next is Power Air with its heat-retaining properties and finally Power Dry sourced from 100% recycled content. This is Polartec’s most advanced moisture management fabric and offers exceptional wicking and breathability qualities. The T Sync 2 Mid Jacket combines these three Polartec fabrics with heat mapped panels and an open structure to promote airflow and breathability. The result is active insulation, advanced thermal efficiency and moisture management in a jacket that can be worn as part of the system or separately, depending on conditions.

L.I.M Z|T Base

Haglofs Feat Partner LIM Base

Developing a great base layer was key for the brand and bluesign® approved Polartec® Power Grid™ was able to deliver on all fronts to meet this objective. It rapidly moves humidity away from the skin, dries fast and delivers a high warmth-to-weight ratio thanks to its geometric patterns. These patterns boost warmth through their grid-like structure which creates channels in which air is trapped. Warmth, breathability and less fabric mass thanks to the grid-like structure helps keep this base layer lightweight and packable. Add to that a minimalist construction and heat mapped panels and this next-to-skin layer is taken to new levels.

Each garment in the L.I.M Series Z|T collection is outstanding in its own right. Each piece is incredibly lightweight without compromising on durability or performance. The true ingenuity, however, comes into play when the pieces are worn together as part of the Synchronized Performance Layering System which has been designed for use in any weather. Whether you go for one piece or all-in, the ingenuity of each will be sure to deliver the ultimate level of comfort and protection for your next chosen adventure.


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