Cooling Fabric

Polartec® Delta™ was created so cooling fabric technologies could better utilize the body's natural cooling process — sweat.

Next-to-skin fabrics that target wicking and fast drying will keep moisture moving, but don't work towards actually cooling the body down. Delta™ works more efficiently by elevating touch-points for increased airflow, faster moisture dispersal, and reduced wet-cling.

Change what you wear when it’s hot.

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Delta Hero Hex 1200X1200

Delta™ Features & Benefits

Cool Touch

Highly Breathable

Superior Wicking

Regulated Drying

Reduced Cling

Odor Control

Available in at least 50% Recycled P.E.T. Plastic

Delta Fabric 1950x735

Polartec® Delta™

About Delta™ Technology

Polartec® Delta™ features an innovative composition that regulates dry times and allows better breathability when wet.

Delta's specialized knit construction uses both hydrophobic and hydrophilic yarns for more advanced control of moisture dispersal. These patent-pending radiating knit structures keep you cooler in hot conditions by increasing airflow to dissipate heat.

Technology Delta 2020X1110

Featured Collaborations & Media

Rhone & Polartec: Mad Match

A remote desert, a makeshift tennis court, and an endless tennis match. How would you keep cool? The Rhone Delta Polo uses Polartec® Delta™ cooling fabric technology to supercharge your body’s natural cooling response.

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Cycling Tips Top 2018 Products

Check out this article by James Huang at Cycling Tips where he features Velocio’s Radiator jerseys as one of the 10 products he loved from 2018. He highlights Delta's cooling features- after comparing this with other high-end, hot-weather jerseys this summer, he was sold.

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Oiselle & Polartec: Birdstrike

Together, Polartec® and Oiselle fielded ‘Team Birdstrike’, the first all-female running team to toe the line at The Speed Project, an unsanctioned 340 mile relay race from LA to Las Vegas. Wearing custom tees and tanks made with Polartec® Delta™ cooling fabric, Team Birdstrike took on extreme heat and exhaustion as they raced across Death Valley in pursuit of the female course record.

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Ketl & Polartec: Cycling Jersey

Some rides call for a little something more—more finesse, more power, more sleeve. For those rides, throw on Ketl’s Long Sleeve Jersey and experience comfort, style, and technical ability across multiple seasons and temperature ranges. Ketl designed this top to be fitted but not too tight and provide plenty of coverage in the rear without bunching up in the front. The use of Polartec® Delta™ fabric provides excellent temperature regulation, supreme moisture wicking, and timed-release drying so you’ll be comfortable for your entire ride.

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Velocio & Polartec: Radiator Mesh

Muggy mid summer. Desert high heat. Unbearable heat. This is the cycling jersey that goes beyond any other. Constructed using two unique yarn compositions, the secret of Radiator comes from our proprietary Polartec® Delta™ fabric that turns the jersey surface into a radiator for riding. Ultra lightweight and super soft hand feel give this jersey an almost t-shirt like quality, yet still provides a supportive and streamlined fit. When nothing else can keep you cool, the Radiator Mesh Jersey is proven to be cooler than no jersey at all. Pick the hottest day. Pedal through it.

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