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July 20, 2022 
Karpos is a technical outdoor brand born at the foot of the Dolomites. It’s no surprise then that Karpos, like its siblings, is an advocate of technical fabrics engineered for the best outdoor experiences. This year Karpos has a summer wardrobe that will suit a range of needs as temperatures soar, using two ground-breaking Polartec fabrics: Delta, Power Dry and Alpha.

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Looking for a sleek, simply designed t-shirt that packs a punch? The Karpos Alta Via Polartec Jersey and Moved Evo Jersey for men and women are the shirts you've been searching for. Using Polartec Power Dry and Delta, these jerseys are more complex than you would think at an initial glance. Using Polartec Power Dry and Delta, these jerseys are more complex than they look. Made for intense activity in hot weather - think running or hiking – they use Polartec Delta fabric to keep the wearer cool no matter how intense the work out, and Power dry to keep dry very fast. You see, the clever Delta fabric has been engineered to retain some sweat to cool you down without the cling. The result is a cooling effect. The sweat then evaporates, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Light and ventilated, both jerseys includes an anti-odour treatment helping the wearer to stay fresh and dry however hard the work out.

Not expecting such high temperatures or such an intensive work out? Perhaps you need a jacket for later? Look no further than the Lavaredo Jacket, a technical piece made to be worn for aerobic activity in moderate temperatures. Using Polartec Alpha it provides on-the-go warmth. Consequently you’ll be surprised at how little you need to remove it as it adjusts to its surroundings. The secret’s in the construction. Unlike other insulations the fibers are woven to a core providing a clear passage for air to pass in and out. Alpha was originally developed for the US Special Forces who were looking for a technology that could cope with the stop-start conditions of combat. They still use Alpha today.

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