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Mountain Hardwear launches US inspired tee for Japanese market

June 13, 2022

Mountain Hardwear, Japan, has gone all out with the Mountain Speed tee to give Japanese outdoor fans a totally American experience.

Using technology from US-textile brand, Polartec, Mountain Hardwear’s Mountain Speed short-sleeved tee features Polartec® Power Dry®, the most advanced next-to-skin moisture management fabric. Using a proprietary bi-component knit construction, Power Dry is able to quickly pull away moisture from the body, transferring it to the outer surface for fast evaporation during activity. The wearer is left dry and comfortable, avoiding sweat chilling. This tee really packs a punch and is perfect for active sports such as fast hikes and trail runs.

The final American salute comes by way of a logo design emblazoned on the front that is reminiscent of a US-soft drinks label.

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