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August 22, 2022

Introducing 101%, an innovative brand that combines style, technology, and sustainability to create garments and accessories for an urban environment. Recently, 101% Polartec® Power Grid™ Collection launched, made entirely of 93% recycled safety yellow Polartec® Power Grid. Talk about fierce. The launch features unique applications and designs that transform Polartec Power Grid fabric from its typical application within outdoor performance to fashionable performance pieces that move with your body throughout any environment. Within the collection you’ll find a range of selections from an edgy Midi Toggle Dress, a functional sports bra and biker shorts, and accessories to match like the Neon Crossbody bag all made from recycled Polartec Power Grid.

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All orders are made specifically to order to reduce waste and uphold 101%'s sustainability mission. For every order placed, 101% donates a hoodie to migrants at the U.S/ Mexico border. 101% has a digital program in addition to their physical collection which provides a virtual fashion experience, explores product testing, and tests influencer seeding without wasteful sample gifts. We’re talking about virtual fashion. If you’re into digital shopping, 101% offers a digital collection of their styles for purchase on the online platform DressX. If you prefer to experience the collection first hand, you can purchase directly from 101% website to fully enjoy the performance technology and attention to detail that the collection provides.

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