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ROA Hiking turns fashionably functional up a notch with the Spring/Summer 2024 Mesh Hoodie made from premium Polartec® Power Dry™ mesh fabric. Highly breathable with an advanced wicking ability, this is not your typical sweatshirt. Sure, it fits like an athletic hoodie, is extremely soft and can be worn directly next to the skin or layered for more warmth. But because it’s crafted from best-in-class technical mesh material, it also grants exceptional moisture management and freedom of movement.

Let’s be honest. Isn’t it better to focus on your hike and not your clothes when temperatures rise? 

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Founded in 2015, ROA’s fame stems from its unique approach to employing crossover, experimental techniques to create products that reflect a hybrid attitude towards the landscapes. Now, with the new Mesh Hoodie and Mesh Zip UP, the Italian brand has redefined the weightless essentiality of technical apparel with a sportswear vibe. The beauty of the fast-drying Polartec® Power Dry™ mesh construction is that these amazingly sleek pieces quickly wick away and release moisture for more efficient drying performance

Polartec® Power Dry™ mesh features a proprietary bi-component knit construction to ensure that every fiber works with maximum efficiency. Using yarns with different surface areas, Polartec is able to create more space for water uptake on the outside of the fabric which acts as a siphon to quickly transport moisture away from the skin and toward the outer surface for faster evaporation when the body heats up. 


Mesh Hoodie 

Worn on the streets or on the trails, the remarkable functionality of this mesh hooded sweater is inspired by the brand’s use of avant-garde materials and performance-driven constructions. Made entirely of Polartec® Power Dry™ mesh fabric, it has raglan sleeves, a fixed hood, elastic detailing and an embroidered logo at the waist – all of which ensure maximum wearability no matter what your day looks like.   

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Mesh Zip Up  

Designed to satisfy today’s multi-faceted lifestyles, ROA’s Mesh Zip Up sweater easily accommodates the needs of the wearer. Featuring the perfect synthesis of urban style and high-performance versatility, the combination of Polartec® Power Dry™ mesh and a practical half-zip design provide maximum comfort even during your most intense outdoor activities. Even better? With long sleeves, a plain hemline and a small logo patch at the hem, it can be worn alone as easily as it can be layered under a jacket or vest


The bottom line? ROA is known around the world for pairing tech-heavy designs with a minimal, outdoor-ready aesthetic. Which is why Polartec® Power Dry™ mesh is the perfect ally when it comes to making super-lightweight compact clothing that keeps you dry while helping regulate your body temperature. The result is a modern essential that unites the flexibility and comfort of premium outdoor wear with the technical excellence and advanced construction of its high-performance materials. Functional fashion at its very best