Breathable Waterproof

Polartec® NeoShell® is the world's most breathable waterproof fabric technology.

For years the outerwear industry has prioritized excessively high waterproof ratings that sacrifice the breathable performance needed during physical activity. Neoshell® provides the strength and durability of a weather protective fabric, while still allowing dynamic air exchange and comfortable full range of motion.

Stay Dry. Inside And Out.

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NeoShell® Features & Benefits







Polartec Neo Shell Fabric 1

Polartec® NeoShell®

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Polartec® NeoShell®

About NeoShell® Technology

Polartec® NeoShell® allows more breathability through its sub-micron membrane structure at the core of the fabric.

By engineering optimal pore size and placement, NeoShell® releases heat and perspiration without high pressure build up. Continuous air exchange enhances natural thermoregulation, while still providing the needed protection from all outside elements.

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Featured Collaborations & Media

Teton Bros. & Polartec: The Search for Kinobi

Kinobi is the coming together of function and beauty. In the mountain village of Hineomata, Polartec and Teton Bros. came together and our search for Kinobi began. We saw just how well our newest version of breathable waterproof Polartec NeoShell, made exclusively for Teton Bros and their TB Jacket, performed in the field. It was search for a new expression of capable, elegant outerwear. A search for functional beauty.

Search For Kinobi

Wired's 2018 Best Waterproof Jackets

Check out this article from WIRED with their picks for 2018's best waterproof jackets. The Filson NeoShell Reliance jacket is featured, and NeoShell's heightened breathability is a major highlight

Read More & Flylow: The Touring Collection

Backcountry teamed up with some of the touring community's most respected brands to create a cohesive touring kit engineered to work flawlessly and seamlessly together. Backcountry’s collective experience and expertise has resulted in high-quality products that are vouched for by some of best brands in the backcountry. They worked with Flylow to build a jacket using NeShell that’s shockingly lightweight, breathable, and also stripped down and minimalist, for a shell that excels in every condition you can skin into.

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Galway Bay: All-Weather Jacket

Galway Bay had a thought: the latest technology has improved every category of golf equipment. Except raingear. So they changed that. They scoured the earth for the only 100% waterproof, but breathable fabric, and they found it at Polartec. Hailed as the Best Rain Gear of 2018 by MyGolfSpy, Galway Bay’s All-Weather Jacket uses Polartec® NeoShell® fabric – the most breathable weatherproof technology in the industry. It’s strong and durable without any “bulk.” The design moves with you so you can swing comfortably.

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Rottefella & Polartec: Mechanical Advantage

Outdoor training in winter places demands on what you wear. So Rottefella created the ultimate collection developed with Thermal Body Mapping™ technology. Using Power Wool, Alpha, Power Stretch, NeoShell, and Power Dry, Rottefella designed a variety of garments to keep warm and dry in all weather conditions.

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Mtn Logic: Vertically Tested

Mtn Logic is a unique collaboration between Polartec fabric science and the world class mountain guides of RMI Expeditions. A pure expression of alpine workwear and the very best tools built to the specifications of mountain professionals. Using Power Wool, Alpha, NeoShell, they developed a best-in-class range of technical apparel conceived and tested by working mountain guides. Guides who depend on their clothing to be warm, dry, cool & safe. It’s a full suite of Polartec solutions for temperature regulation, breathable waterproof, and active insulation ans a process that applied over 1.2 million vertical feet of field testing, experimentation, sampling & discovery.

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