Made To
Go Beyond.

To define a past, is to go
beyond for the future.
For over 40 years, we've led
the way in fabric innovation.
We were made to set the
standard. To make better.
To create better. To do better.
For our people, our product
and our planet. We were
Made To Go Beyond.


What does it mean
to go Beyond?

Beyond. A Spirit. A Definition. The Core. Beyond is the benchmark in everything we do. It's a mentality and a way of working. It is to question the norm, to be brave enough to create change, not because it is easy but because it is challenging, because you care. We are a collective of curious minds, relentless innovators and dedicated problem solvers. We look beyond the existing and we create original. If it can be made, we will make it. And if it can't? We'll find a way. We go beyond.


We make fabrics to enhance the lives
of those who wear us and to reduce our
impact on the planet we live on.

We as people were
Made To Go Beyond.

It's what's underneath that counts and what's in every one of us. It's our motivation; when you wear Polartec® you know you can go beyond, whatever's ahead of you. We empower people to concentrate on their moment, their activity and their unique experience in life without distractions. From our designers, to our engineers, our makers to our wearers - it's in our people to press on, long after others have given up. We don't settle, we go beyond. It is all that we do, it is all that you do.


We go beyond in
fabric innovation.

It's what's inside what you wear. It's the science and knowledge that's fused through our fabrics that makes the difference. Complete trust and authenticity are inherent in all our products. Reflected in our technology, delivered through our active ingredient of intelligence and a restless curiosity to know what fabrics can do. Our unique and unrivalled innovations continue to lead and layer the future for our partners. It's our dedication to make products that are always going beyond the expected.

We're going beyond the
expected for our planet.

It's what's being done that sets the standard. We are on the journey to being true leaders in sustainability. From the first ever fleece made with recycled content in 1993, to the 2 billion plastic bottles recycled into fiber to make our fabrics. Transparency and longevity are our priority. Designed with purpose, our products are made to last and go beyond generations. We create future thinking products for ethical and progressive living. We are doing more to make better. Because if we aren't going beyond for our planet, no-one is.

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