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<center>SCARPA + Polartec® Windbloc®=<br>Greatest of All Time<br></center>

If you’ve ever seen a picture of some extreme mountaineers standing atop a jagged peak, ice axes in hand—take a look at their feet. Good chance they’re wearing SCARPA. 

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SCARPA has made quite a name for themselves during more than eight decades cobbling together boots from the foothills of the Italian Dolomites. Though they gained their reputation for crafting indestructible leather boots, SCARPA have since pioneered multiple space-age materials and technologies in pursuit of creating the world’s finest mountain footwear. At this point, SCARPA has practically invented several segments of boots and shoes for mountaineering, trekking, hiking, alpine running, climbing and skiing. And today, they’re pushing the limits of fast-and-light mountaineering with the Ribelle Tech 3 HD boot.


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When the mountains warm up, the line between mountaineering and mountain running bleeds together like the shifting edge of a snow line. For those mixed-terrain missions where you need the capabilities and support of a  technical boot, but prefer the speed and comfort of a lightweight shoe, the SCARPA Ribelle Tech HD rules supreme. Now in its third incarnation, this boot has long stood atop the mountain as the ultimate fast and light climbing boot. Its sock fit and streamlined profile make it the go-to boot technical boot where comfort and speed trumps the ultimate protection of a bigger, clunkier boot.

But for version 3, SCARPA wanted to make the greatest of all time even greater. So they came to Polartec.


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Wind and weather protection are critical in the mountains. But for fast and light mountaineering, traditional materials like leather and plastic are way too bulky and restrictive. So to maintain weather protection with the light and shoe-like feel they were after, SCARPA put Polartec® Windbloc® to work in their newest version 3. The material provides maximum weather protection with minimal mass, blocking outside moisture and airflow at the microscopic level to guarantee weather protection. The extremely durable Windbloc membrane is extremely versatile, and can be added to numerous materials, making it an ideal candidate for crossover from apparel to footwear. The membrane is capable of resilient stretch for greater range of motion during activity, even in inclement conditions. All while moving and breathing with ease.


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Founded in 1938, SCARPA is today a world leader in manufacturing of mountain-sport and outdoor footwear. They have offices worldwide, but maintain manufacturing in Italy, Romania and Serbia—with 60% of production still done in Italy.

Call SCARPA old fashioned, but—after more than 80 years—the company still does just about the same thing they started doing: Making the best footwear for the mountains. You won’t see SCARPA adding on a bunch of useless bells and whistles, or jumping on short-lived trends, or releasing 100 different colorways of every boot in collaboration with every influencer. When SCARPA makes a new boot or shoe, it’s because they found a way to make it even better. Every piece of footwear has a purpose.

Whether you’re the world’s best outdoor athlete or a weekend warrior enthusiast, SCARPA is the best thing to have on your feet when you get to the mountains.

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