Fabric with the Right Fit

Since 2016, KK Greer of Mill Direct has been able to provide countless makers, designers and businesses with small-run quantities of Polartec fabric in a variety of technology platforms.

Over the years KK has become familiar with the needs of makers and has a fresh approach to providing small quantity orders, which allows many talented makers and business owners the ability to source Polartec fabric at a scale that works for them. These business owners and small makers have a passion for creative design and continue to produce unique pieces that don’t skimp on attention to detail during the production process. Check out some of the great makers who source from Mill Direct Textiles and continue to spread the Polartec love.

Rudy Adventures

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Colorado-based Rudy Adventures and its leader, Stacie Rudy, strive to create designs that are durable and comfortable for all seasons with the help of Polartec fabrics. Stacie began sourcing from Mill Yardage for trial runs on her hoodies, and since then, she’s been able to order large quantities both from Mill Direct Textiles and later direct from Polartec as she became comfortable with the material and what it offers.

Burgeon Outdoor

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Established in 2019 in Lincoln, New Hampshire, Burgeon Outdoor believes in creating a healthy connection between outdoor enthusiasts, our economy, and the mountains. Burgeon designs sustainable outdoor apparel in Lincoln, NH, and proudly sources Polartec fabrics from their fellow New Hampshirites at Mill Direct Textiles.

Rad Rags

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Colorado-based Rad Rags makes custom ski wear from Polartec fabrics. To their knowledge, they were the second people on the planet to actually make snowboard-specific clothing. Mike Sproul designs and handmakes extremely comfortable and warm hoodies made for the mountain, in what some people call “folk art”. He’s built somewhat of a cult following working pop-up events and shows selling limited quantity hoodies, a feature he attributes to Mill Direct Textiles and their ability to deliver incredible fabrics without minimums.

Mambe Blankets

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Established in 1999 in the Pacific Northwest, Mamble Blankets was born out of a need to keep your bottom dry and comfortable no matter how wet the ground was. They began ordering blankets from Mill Direct Textiles many years ago, and have since grown to eventually be able to manage production orders and full container loads. They still use the original color pallet so that when they run out of something, they can count on Mill Direct Textiles to order more stock to get to the next truckload from Polartec Tennessee Manufacturing.

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