Shed Less

A Fabric Technology


up to 85%


Made to
Reduce our impact on the planet.

Made to
Endure the test of time.

  • Up to 85% less fiber fragments shed
    on average during home laundering*.

  • Fewer loose fibers.

  • Fibers resist breaking over time.

  • Beyond The Original. The look, feel and performance you know. Now made to Shed Less.

Less Mess
With Polartec®
Shed Less

*According to AATCC 212 2021, up to
85% less fiber fragments are shed on
average during home laundering, when
compared to the base line fabric.

It Takes More Than One Innovation To Shed Less.

Our Shed Less technology combines
many different aspects of yarn
construction, knitting, chemistry,
and manufacturing methods.

Planet Conscious.
Globally Available.

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