December 20, 2021
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Baker Boyd: Alaska

Baker Boyd grew up watching classic ski movies and Warren Miller Films to foster his love of the sport. His favorite segments were always filmed in Alaska, a land full of enormous, steep, and extremely unique terrains. At 30 years old, Baker took the pilgrimage for himself to the promised land for skiers.

With help from locals and pilots from the Valdez area, Baker and his group of friends found a cooler spot at higher elevation where they could safely set up camp and hike. His six days in Alaska were some of the best runs of his life. Watch Baker ski through some of the craziest spines, flutes, and walls with effortless motion.

Baker and crew were bummed to leave earlier than planned due to warming weather. But after a day of eating pizza and drinking beers, they couldn’t stop talking about returning to Alaska every year for the rest of their lives.

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