Houdini CEO Eva Karlsson has a different philosophy from the average clothing company.

“The world doesn’t need more products that have a short lifespan, and then you throw them away and they become waste.”

Rather than selling you something new once every season, Karlsson would rather you wore your Houdini pieces all day, every day, for as long as possible. And if it gets a hole or two along the way, no problem. Repair and wear.

So for three decades, Polartec has worked hand in sleeve with Houdini to support their mission of making longer-lasting, better-performing, more versatile gear.

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Our partnership with Houdini looks a little something like this: We meet, discuss their needs, hear their ideas—then our mad scientists go off to design new fabrics to make them happen. Houdini keeps pushing the pace, so we speed up to match them.

It was at a session like this, not too long ago, when Houdini presented an idea. They wanted to make a new Houdi that would take breathability and versatility to another level. One with the sweat wicking of a base layer, the insulation of a midlayer, and the ventilation of an open window. Something that could insulate when it was cold, then ventilate the moment things heated up.

What our scientists came up with was Polartec Power Dry Net Mesh—an entirely unique base/insulation material that captures nature’s most powerful force for moving around heat and moisture.

The Pace Flow Houdi was born.

<center>GO WITH THE (AIR)FLOW</center>

What’s warmer than a hug, cooler than a cucumber and lighter than a feather? Air.

To make a new Houdi that could insulate as well as ventilate, Houdini needed lots of air. So they went with a rather unconventional design for a midlayer: mesh. Houdini thought they could take the mesh concept beyond just warm weather wear. What if they applied the principles of air management to make a garment that could perform across an extremely wide temperature range?

Worn under a shell, the Houdi traps air for ventilation. Worn on the outside, it’s an extremely breathable jacket that can keep you warm during high-pace activities. And because of the advanced bi-component construction of Polartec Power Dry, the new Net Mesh fabric in the Houdi also grabs whatever sweat vapor is left on the inside and transfers it to the outside for efficient evaporation.

<center>KEEP THE FLOW GOING</center>

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The most sustainable garment is the one that’s already in your closet. To that end, Houdini has always prioritized versatility and longevity in all their clothing. When one garment has more uses, it replaces two. When it lasts twice as long, it replaces four. If you never want to give it up, it replaces six. And so on and so forth, until you get to Houdini’s iconic Power Houdi, which Houdini says is worn over 100x as much as the average garment.

Houdini wants to go even further.

“Our mission is to transform into a circular system in harmony with our world. Nature itself is the blueprint. Every resource we use is borrowed from nature and we will therefore treat it carefully.”

Beyond just being versatile and durable, the new Pace Flow Houdi moves toward Houdini’s mission thanks to its circular design. The Houdi is made with 100% recycled material—and that material is in-turn made into a mono-component fabric that can be recycled once again at the end of its life. Most products are made for a linear lifecycle, where resources are used then discarded. The Pace Flow Houdi is designed for a circular system where materials are used and reused many times.

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The Pace Flow Houdi is part of Houdini’s Pace Collection. Not so much for a particular sport, but for a mindstate. It’s nothing to do with speed. Nothing to do with P.R.s. It’s movement and feeling. Sensations. The sounds of footsteps. Crinkling leaves. Breathing. Neurotransmitters sending out the good stuff.

In a world of ruthless measurement, the Pace Collection dares you to “Stop counting. Start feeling.”

So Houdini made a line of clothing to get you to a place that doesn’t exist. Because the real destination is right in-between your ears. Trippy, huh?

You might not need Houdini’s exceptionally versatile and comfortable collection of clothing to get there. But if the goal is to free your mind and experience the outdoors, it won’t hurt to take away thinking about bad clothing.

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