There’s a unique sensation that comes with the rhythm of the road. When you’re pushing yourself to new limits and everything falls into place: the feeling of wind against your face; the smell of the open road and the calm that comes as every stroke of the pedal feels almost effortless.

Some call it being in zone... for us, it’s Le Col

Founded in 2011 by former Team Great Britain cyclist Yanto Barker, Le Col has grown from one pro-rider’s dream to a global provider of premium cycling apparel for many of the peloton’s fastest spin doctors. Drawing from years of professional racing experience, Yanto and his team set out to design and develop products that deliver unmatched performance, comfort, style and quality. From the use of innovative Polartec® fabrics to precision engineering techniques, every aspect of Le Col’s design process is geared towards one goal: helping cyclists ride faster and further while feeling their best.


At Le Col, we believe that every detail matters. That’s why we take a data-driven approach to product development, using insights from professional cyclists and cutting-edge technologies to create the ultimate cycling apparel on the road.” 

Yanto Barker, Founder and CEO Le Col.

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It’s all about the ride

There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you’re at your best on the bike. For cyclists, hitting the road is more than just a hobby or even a sport, which is why every part of what Le Col does is aimed at ensuring its riders are equipped to get the most out of every ride or race. No detail is overlooked and every garment uses industry-leading materials and expert engineering techniques.

Elevate your experience

Whether facing the chill of winter or a surprise turn of the weather, Le Col will keep you warm, dry and comfortable with its Pro-Series range of cycling apparel featuring ground-breaking Polartec® Power Shield™ Pro technology, a bio-based, waterproof and highly breathable fabric that’s also non-PFAS. With its industry-leading combination of waterproofness, windproofness, long-lasting breathability, high durability, and comfortable stretch, Polartec® Power Shield™ Pro is the go-to favorite rain or shine.

Starting with the all-new Pro Jacket and Pro All Weather Gilet, one of the key elements that sets Le Col apart is its use of advanced fabrics tailored to meet the demands of cycling in all conditions. From waterproof and windproof materials to insulating and heat-regulating fabrics like Polartec® Power Grid™ technical fleece, Le Col has you covered no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

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Road tested to the limit

Le Col’s data-driven approach to product development is backed by suggestions and insights from professional cyclists. The company has built one of the widest testing networks within cycling, which includes getting past and current professional teams to road-test garments and accessories. Sure, founder Yanto Barker works alongside the designers and engineers to ensure that every garment meets his exacting standards. But Le Col’s reach extends far beyond the United Kingdom, with cyclists all over the world trusting Le Col to deliver performance and quality like no other brand.

Approved by the Pros

When it comes to delivering a race-winning kit to professional teams? Le Col works closely with top aerodynamic experts, which can include being put to the test in the company’s wind tunnel trials. The best news is that Le Col integrates all these valuable insights and knowledge into its core collection to make sure even a roadie can feel like a pro!

Ride like the wind

The bottom line? Le Col is more than just cycling apparel; it’s a community of passionate riders committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on two wheels. Boasting supreme breathability and stretch, Polartec® Power Shield™ Pro, with its 20,000 mm waterproof and 20,000 g breathable ratings, is fit for Froome, equipped to slay like Sagan, and primed to push the pace whether you’re riding locally or tackling a big race.

So gear up, hit the road, and let’s ride.


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