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Among alpinists, there exists a trio of rock walls towering over the Alps that have captured the imaginations of climbers and adventurers for centuries. The Eiger, The Matterhorn, and the Grandes Jorasses. Three of the most famous and difficult Alpine peaks, climbing all three is called “The Trilogy.”

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For most normal alpinists (if such a thing exists) completing The Trilogy is a lifetime achievement. And ascending all three during the treacherous conditions of winter is a challenge reserved only for a special few. So you can imagine how in March of 1987, when Christophe Profit sent all three faces back-to-back-to-back in a record-shattering 42 hours, it shocked the alpine community.

Some call Cristophe’s Trilogy the dawn of modern mountaineering. Not because of the helicopters, nor the paragliding off the top of the Grandes Jorasses—but because it was the moment that fast and light took over.

Millet (pronounced “mee-yay” for the non-Francophones) was there. The French mountaineering company outfitted Christophe with an extremely advanced system of clothing and gear that together created the lightest, most comfortable, most capable kit on Earth. And they still continue this tradition today with the Alpine Trilogy Collection, inspired by Christophe’s heroic climb.

<center>The Millet Way</center>

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Millet has spent over a century equipping alpinists and outdoors people with the ultimate clothing and gear. Located in picturesque Annecy France, the brand is just a hop, skip and a jump from their Alpine playground in the Mont Blanc Massif. They were one of the first European brands to embrace the potential of fleece, and became early adopters of PolarFleece back in the 1980s.

Today, their Alpine Trilogy Collection represents the pinnacle of fast-and-light mountaineering gear. A series of mix-and-match packs, sleeping systems and apparel that works together seamlessly—giving mountaineers the lightest, most capable kit for any mission. Millet has a simple philosophy for this collection: “Light, fast, fluid.” Gear that’s tough enough to withstand the mountains, but lightweight and breathable enough to get up a rock wall fast. Beyond that, these are pieces designed to be comfortable. Because comfort is freedom in the mountains.

<center>The Trilogy Lightgrid Hoodie</center>

At the heart of the Alpine Trilogy Collection is the Trilogy Lightgrid Hoodie. This small-but-mighty layer acts as a second skin in the mountains. Thin and light like a t-shirt, but cozy like a fleece.

During sunny mountain climbs, you can wear it as a jacket and let its exceptional breathability shine through. When conditions turn cold, stack up layers on top and keep going. And when it’s bedtime, you can wear the hoodie as a cozy, hooded base layer under your sleeping bag.

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Powering the hoodie’s performance is its 85% recycled Polartec® Power Grid™ technical fleece. The fabric is knit into a tight grid pattern, using a sophisticated technique that’s patented by Polartec. This isn’t just for looks. These tiny, geometric shapes create space for air, which increases both warmth and breathability. All while dramatically reducing mass compared to a solid fabric. Another benefit of all the hollow space: The fabric can stretch and compress extremely well, making it ideal for mountaineers who need freedom of movement and freedom from excess weight in their packs.

"The Trilogy Lightgrid Hoodie fleece was the first product I bought from Millet almost eight years ago, before joining the Team! I didn't know the brand well, and this fleece intrigued me. As thin as a long-sleeve t-shirt and as insulating as a real fleece. I've been wearing it every week, whether it's on a big climbing route or on a ski tour. It is very close to the body and its hood is very well thought out. This thin insulating layer continues to accompany me on a daily basis."

Symon Welfringer, Millet athlete

<center>Millet Goes Back to the Top</center>

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This last winter brought exceptionally good conditions to the Alps for adventurers like Symon Welfringer, Charles Dubouloz, and Clovis Pauline. With stable ice opening up routes that are normally impossible, the team of Millet athletes took advantage of the moment by attempting something only climbed once before: The Direttissima route to Point Walker on the Grandes Jorasses. Mind you, this route was climbed in summer the first time. The route climbs to the same point where Christophe Profit famously stood 37 years before, but via a much more difficult route.

The trio spent five days on the route—sleeping four nights in tiny holes clawed out of cliffside snow and ice. They climbed countless hours with bare hands on freezing rocks, requiring the dexterity that only bare fingers could provide to complete these technical pitches. When the group finished, they stood atop Point Walker. There was no helicopter when they got there, and they didn’t paraglide off the top like Christophe. But they carried on a tradition of incredible Alpine firsts, empowered by the lightest, fastest, and most comfortable gear on the mountain: Millet!

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