The year was 1986. Two friends, one chairlift and the spark of a truly killer idea: since no one else was making the kind of ski equipment they really wanted, why not make it themselves. Fast forward to 2024. Still passionate about making top-notch apparel that can go from the slopes to the chalet without missing a beat, Swedish brand Peak Performance takes to the trails with its inaugural, and totally awesome, MTB collection. Case in point? The Vislight Alpha Jacket and Vislight Alpha Vest, both of which are made with premium Polartec® Alpha™ active insulation that can handle the roughest terrains while keeping you dry and comfortable on your next off-trail adventure.  

“We’ve shaped our product portfolio around what is important to us: finding the right design, with the right technical solutions and elevating them to fit the needs of our athletes. This is why choosing best-in-class materials that reflect the quality of the product and the brand was so important for our first MTB collection. Using Polartec® Alpha™ active insulation was a given from the very start.” 

Erik Stensson, Designer. 

Shredding in style 

Every trail junkie knows that function outweighs form and aesthetics. But who said they have to be mutually exclusive? Peak Performance’s light and breathable full-year Vislight Alpha Jacket and Vislight Alpha Vest prove our point. Meticulously crafted to merge technical performance with optimal functionality, both are made with premium Polartec® Alpha™, a uniquely recycled active insulation engineered to provide all-day protection while releasing excess moisture and body heat. They are also sleek, lightweight and designed to deliver exceptional quick-drying comfort that moves with – not against – you. And did we mention that these slick essentials for men and women are packable and extremely versatile? So in addition to supporting every movement while regulating your body temperature with the precision of a pro, they can be easily stowed as needed for full-day expeditions. 

Excel under pressure 

Whether riding, running or enjoying any other high-intensity activity, the Vislight Alpha Jacket has you covered. Literally. Featuring a tight-fitting hood, user-friendly 2-way zipper, and strategically positioned pockets, this lightweight and stretchy shell combines true functionality with absolute convenience. Which is why it’s a top pick for world class mountain biker, skier and extreme sports enthusiast WeiTen Ho. So much so, that can be seen wearing it in his recent film, Transitions

While juggling the demands of competing at elite levels in two distinct disciplines may seem daunting to most, we’re talking about WeiTen. Definitely not “most”. And when he’s pushing his limits, he trusts the superior construction, exclusive use of Polartec® Alpha™ 4-season active insulation, and highly versatile fit of this amazing jacket to deliver comfort and freedom of movement without the bulk. Not to mention that its handy mesh chest pocket is a great place to quickly stash his gloves, beanie or other accessories. 

Adventure ready 

Designed for mountain enthusiasts who crave adrenaline-backed thrills all year round, the Vislight Alpha Vest is your ideal partner in crime. Catering to the most demanding trail adventures and terrains, this quick-dry vest is lined with Polartec® Alpha™ active insulation and comes with easy-access storage, a 2-way front zipper and reflective details – letting you enjoy unrestrained freedom, comfort, and breathability without weighing you down. Made to stay pace with your adventurous spirit, this vest has what it takes to keep your back (and your core) warm during the most intense activities.  

Take to the trails 

Ask anyone at Peak Performance and they’ll tell you that work and play are fundamentally intertwined. No surprise here. The Swedish brand’s authentic designs and craftsmanship are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration, and hands-on product testing is part of the game. Which brings us to its mission of spreading the freeride spirit to the world at large.  

Over 30 years since its founding, Peak Performance is now empowering outdoor enthusiasts to push their boundaries all year round. After all, its new trail collection for thrill seekers and dirt devils is engineered for peak performance … pun intended. 

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