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What does “better than yesterday” mean to you?

It might not always mean your fastest mile or your heaviest lift. But if you can push just a little bit harder and keep moving forward, you’ll always see improvement.

For Ten Thousand, “better than yesterday” means finding the limit, then going past it. Trudging through the low spots without giving up. Making the best garment—then making it even better.

Every thread of everything Ten Thousand creates reflects this attitude as they ruthlessly design, test, redesign and re-test.


Ten Thousand’s Over Zip and Pro Line Tactical Over Zip are made for warm-ups, cool-downs, early morning workouts, and off-the-grid adventures.

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This is the second generation of Over Zip, and Ten Thousand knew they’d need to bring the heat if they wanted to improve on the beloved original. To make a higher-performing Over-Zip, they needed a higher-performing fabric. That’s where Polartec comes in.

The goal was to make the original Over Zip warmer and lighter for intense cold-weather training. How is that possible? Well, what’s both warm and light? Air. The secret to the new Over Zip & Tactical Over Zip is air—more specifically the air running up and down the channels throughout their Polartec Power Grid fabric. These geometric patterns trap air for warmth when you need it, and disperse body heat and sweat vapor to the outside when things heat up.

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The benefits of Power Grid don’t stop with insulation, though: The patented grid construction also reduces mass for a more airy feel, and moves better thanks to the increased compressibility provided by the channels. Finally, there’s the sweat wicking. Power Grid’s bi-component design puts a hydrophilic inner layer against your skin to absorb sweat vapor and transfer it to a hydrophobic outer layer, which disperses the moisture for more efficient evaporation.

For those looking for an even tougher training mid layer, there’s the Tactical Over Zip, developed in collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces for cold-weather training with heavy loads.


To test the new Over Zip, Ten Thousand collaborated with one of the toughest athletes they know: Two-time Olympian and U.S. marathon record holder Ryan Hall. The former elite distance runner today trains year-round for strength, and puts his running experience to work—coaching the next generation of runners.

Hall put the Over Zip 2.0 through its paces with rigorous training routines in frigid snow, intense workouts, and riding alongside his coaching clients on bike. What did he think of this versatile piece?

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