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“A love and enjoyment of the mountains that continues to inspire almost 100 years on”

Trangoworld history

Trangoworld is Spain’s leading manufacturer of outdoor, technical clothing and equipment.  It takes its name from the Trango Towers, a set of rock pillars in Pakistan’s Karakorum Mountain range, the second tallest on earth.  Well-versed in making quality apparel that will go the distance, Trangoworld started life way back in 1928 when the company’s founder started one of the first sport businesses in Spain.  Over the years it manufactured a wide range of outdoor gear including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and garments under the Artiach brand before evolving into Trangoworld, the respected, well-loved brand it is today.  

The name, Trangoworld, represents the brand’s resilience and a passion for the outdoors:  the Trango Towers are considered by many as having some of the most difficult climbs in the world with its deep cliffs and almost vertical falls.  Simply put, mountain, nature, and a love of the outdoors makes Trangoworld tick.  It’s in its DNA.

Trangoworld TRX

Trangoworld uses quality ingredients, and its products are thoroughly tested by a hand-picked team of mountaineers and athletes before going to market.  This pool of experts put gear through its paces, relentlessly testing it to the limit and ensuring it’s designed for purpose and, above all, will last the distance.  After all, the most sustainable piece of kit you have is the piece you’ve had the longest.

With an understanding that well designed, technical clothing allows the wearer to concentrate on getting the most out of their outdoor pursuits, Trangoworld set itself the challenge of designing the ultimate mountain piece.  By utilizing some of Polartec’s most technical, sustainable fabrics  – Polartec® Power Air™ and Polartec® Alpha® the TRX2 Hybrid LT Pro Jacket was born.  

So what makes the TRX2 Hybrid LT Pro Jacket so special?  It’s the clever combination of Polartec® Alpha®, famed for its on-the-go-warmth and award-winning Polartec® Power Air™.  

Trangoworld TRX 2

The marrying of these two innovations is genius.  Power Air, with its fiber-filled, grid-like structure gives incredible warmth and is used throughout the jacket.  Alpha provides on-the-go warmth and excels when it’s actively put to work, adapting to your internal climate. The design team has specified Alpha in the chest where the wearer needs that perfect balance between wearable comfort during high exertion, and reliable warmth during less adrenaline-fueled tasks.  A go-to for any mountaineer, Alpha was designed for stop-go activities, and consequently works perfectly in outdoor apparel.  This jacket hasn’t cut back on sustainability either, Power Air has set new standards for reducing fiber shedding and won awards too.  Both fabrics have a high recycled content, and the jacket has bluesign accreditation.

Trangoworld’s mission is to discourage apathy and help everyone enjoy the mountains year-round. Their philosophy is one of embracing the beauty that surrounds us, to “take the other way”.  Today, an active, healthy lifestyle and personal improvement are what drives the brand.  Take the path that leads to the place you are happy. In Trangoworld’s case, that’s in the mountains.  For the rest of us?  Well, let’s see, the world waits.