Introducing Milliken & Company 2023 Sustainability Report

As a Milliken & Company brand and the premium creator of innovative and more sustainable textile solutions, Polartec’s unwavering pledge to protect the environment runs deep. No surprise here. Since inventing the first fleece crafted from recycled plastic water bottles more than three decades ago, Polartec’s sustainability journey has led to innovative plant-based materials, certified waste reductions and best-practice technologies that reduce the impact of our activities.  

The Report 

The Milliken & Company 2023 Sustainability Report discloses and details the group’s key impacts across its people, product, planet, and net-zero measures. It has metrics and targets for each of these key impact areas, which include Polartec data. 

Did you know, for example, that the group is ahead of schedule relative to its 2025 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Renewable Energy Goals?   


Weaving Positive Impact 

Here at Polartec, our commitment to environmental responsibility is an intrinsic part of everything we do. It’s our responsibility to protect the Planet, safeguard our People and to reduce the impact of our Products. Which is why we are proud to share Milliken & Company’s efforts to foster a more sustainable future within our industry and beyond


The Road to Net-Zero 

Find out more about Milliken’s progress towards its 2030 scope 1 and 2 net-zero targets. And its steps to develop a more detailed and accurate perspective on scope 3 value chain emissions. Share our journey. 

Click here for full access to the Milliken & Company 2023 Sustainability Report. 


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