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Cycling in the winter: one minute you’re burning up on the climb, wanting to rip off your jacket—the next you’re shivering your way back down as your hands go numb.

Coming from rainy England, Altura knows a thing or two about riding in inclement conditions. Their new autumn/winter launch aims to help cyclists get through the cold and wet winter months, thanks to a new thermally-intelligent jacket for road cyclists and warmth-boosting pants for mountain bikers.

Altura Jacket 100322 V1

The wind and shower-resistant Altura Endurance Blast Waterproof Jacket might just be the perfect partner for roadies in cold places. The jacket leverages Polartec® Alpha®, a fabric originally engineered for the U.S. special forces—designed to provide regulated warmth during the stop-start conditions of combat. As it turns out, this technology works perfectly for the uphill slogs and downhill speeds of cycling, too.

For the mountain bikers, Altura designed the Ridge Thermal Waterproof Trousers to keep you warm and dry, no matter how hard you send it. With a weather-repellent shell on the outside, the pants keep you warm from the inside thanks to soft, plush Polartec® Power Grid™ that breathes as you heat up. Power Grid’s geometric patterns trap air to increase the warmth without adding significant weight. What’s more, the heat-trapping channels actually improve freedom of movement, so you can shred just a little bit harder. Thank you, science!

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