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Dainese x Polartec: <p> Perfecting Cold-Weather Riding Gear

Partner Product Release


Mountain bike off-season? No such thing for the Italian speed demons at Dainese.

Their new HGC Collection is designed to keep mountain bikers out there long after the weather turns nasty and the fair-weather riders pack it in for the winter. This waterproof, windproof and thermal collection is made specifically for mountain bikers’ needs: constantly-changing weather, frequent starts and stops, wildly varying speeds and variable effort levels.

So why did Dainese come to Polartec for their new HGC Vest and HGC Hybrid Jacket? Because we’ve developed an active insulation precisely for the type of start-stop conditions where you really don’t want to get off your bike to pull a jacket on every ten minutes.

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Polartec® Alpha® was originally designed for the US special forces—made for the variable start-stop conditions of combat. And Polartec® Alpha® Direct is an evolution of that original Alpha that’s even more breathable and lightweight. In short, the perfect insulation for mountain biking. Because Alpha Direct doesn’t require a face fabric, its fibers can be worn directly against the skin. This allows for greater air exchange, which gives you better breathability, less moisture buildup and more consistent warmth—whether you’re pedaling hard or coasting down a mountain.

The HGC Hybrid Jacket and HGC Vest are the ultimate riding partners: Made with stretch fabric, a fit tailored for riding, and strategically-placed Alpha Direct panels that deliver the heat exactly where you need it. The strategic insulation is the key to keeping both the vest and jacket light enough to ride in comfortably but warm enough for cool conditions without overheating.

So embrace the slick roots, the steamy breath and the empty trailheads: cold-weather riding season is on!