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Hoalen Polaris 5: </p> Designed for the Ends of the Earth

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“We surf, we sail, we paddle, we fish and we design what we wear.”

So goes the Hoalen creed. These French surfers originate from the extreme Northwest corner of France in Finistère. With a name derived from the Latin “Finis Terræ” (end of the Earth), it’s a land surrounded by sea on three sides—where sailors, fishermen and hearty French surfers commingle in one salty mélange. Hoalen makes durable, timeless apparel and accessories for coastal life—from Finistère to the ends of the Earth.

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Because life in Finistère gets chilly, Hoalen came to Polartec. They wanted a material for their new Polaris 5 Jacket that had a classic look fit for their sensibilities, but beaucoup warmth. A material that could stand the test of time, as well as stand up to rapidly-deteriorating conditions on the coast. Polartec® Shearling Fleece fit the bill perfectly!

The new Hoalen Polaris 5 matches timeless design with modern performance. The high-pile Shearling suggests the look of wool, but with the lightweight, breathable performance of fleece. It’s inherently hydrophobic—so it won’t wet out and lose insulation when the first fog bank rolls in. The jacket’s hidden cuffs keep your warmth in, while a selection of pockets give you multiple options for stately, hand-in-pocket poses.

We’ve seen a lot of garments made of Polartec Shearling Fleece, but leave it to the salty dogs in Finistère to make something that looks this classic. Check out the Polaris 5 on the Hoalen website.