In a world where functionality often overshadows style and ruggedness can come at the expense of aesthetics, Mission Workshop’s Bishop Power Wool jacket is in a class of its own. The 3-season zip-up merges a San Francisco vibe with New York City’s best street style to show that durability and elegance are not mutually exclusive. 

Fueled by the plush comfort and unparallelled warmth of Polartec® Power Wool™, this NYC native is a mid-weight essential engineered for peak performance.  

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Power Wool is a special dual-component knit whose soft, odor reducing, premium wool base and durable nylon exterior can be worn directly next to the skin to bolster resilience and efficiently wick moisture away from your body. The unique Power Wool construction also offers exceptional breathability, promoting optimal airflow and moisture management while swiftly adapting to changing climates to ensure long-lasting comfort in the most demanding conditions.  

But Bishop is more than just a piece of gear; it's a conduit to pure exhilaration. The perfect synergy of form and function where every stitch craves the next big adrenaline rush. With a classic yet highly versatile fit, it supports every movement while regulating your body temperature with the precision of a true champion. This makes Bishop the quintessential go-to for hitting the trails or rocking the streets.  

So pick your poison: resilience, adaptability or just sheer awesomeness. The Bishop Power Wool jacket will come through every single time. 

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