December 20, 2021

Outlier x Polartec®

Partner Product Release

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Outlier Partners with Polartec on Alphawoollinen Duvet

Focused on material for the city, premier NYC lifestyle brand, Outlier, once again turned to Polartec for the Alphawoollinen Duvet, featuring brand-favorite Polartec® Alpha® active insulation.

Unable to find a blanket that maintains an ideal temperature, Outlier set out to create one that doesn’t leave the sleeper suddenly hot, sweaty and half out of the covers. Achieving that warmth without overheating means Outlier only uses the best materials for maximum breathability. The Alphawoollinen Duvet features washed 100% European-grown linen for soft, dry comfort, Lavalan 120 wool/PLA batting for dry thermoregulating warmth, and of course, Polartec Alpha 60, the original active insulation optimized for breathability and additional vented performance.

Polartec Alpha was originally invented for the U.S. Special Forces, which required a superior insulation system for the extreme temperature variations and the start-stop conditions of combat. Because the insulation technology is composed of lofted fibers as part of a solid mesh core, and is therefore not subject to feather or fiber migration, it allows for complete design flexibility in terms of any lining or exterior fabrics used around it.

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