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This is not normal. 

A cycling base layer with a hood? And a snood? That you can pull your helmet straps through? With a windproof shell?

The Pas Normal Studios Thermal Long-Sleeve Windproof Base Layer is not-normal by design. Made by Danish cycling apparel upstarts Pas Normal Studios (French for “Not Normal”), this radical base layer forms the ultimate foundation for a cold-weather riding ensemble. It incorporates head-warming pieces and a windproof chest to give you seamless on-bike thermoregulation without having to carry quite so many accessories and layers.

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More than just an innovative design, this layer is also made with a one-of-a-kind fabric: Polartec® Power Wool™. This bi-component, natural-synthetic blend incorporates a wool grid backing against the skin for soft, sweat-wicking thermoregulation and great airflow. Meanwhile, the outer face is a synthetic material with flat construction that rapidly evaporates away sweat vapor. The fabric creates a continuous sweat-wicking flow that speeds up and slows down with your body, keeping you comfortable whether you’re climbing a steep mountain pass or bombing back down the other side in the cold. The grid construction, plus soft merino wool fibers and a touch of spandex, creates a cozy fit that wraps your body and moves with ease.

If this all seems a little too extreme, fear not: Pas Normal Studios also makes a more conventional Long-Sleeve Thermal Base Layer. This version comes without the hood or the windproof chest, but it’s constructed from the same powerful, thermoregulating Power Wool fabric.

Check out the Windproof Long Sleeve Base Layer here.

And the Long Sleeve Base Layer here.