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To make it in the backcountry, you’ll need strong legs, hearty lungs and some serious avalanche training. But there’s something else you might have overlooked: functioning hands!

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It’s essential to keep those frosty digits warm during icy sunrises and windy summits. Then you have to keep them from overheating while climbing a skin track. All of this while maintaining the dexterity necessary to operate avalanche beacons, climbing skins, ice axes, and ski poles.

So when glovemasters Reusch teamed up with pro freeskier Jérémie Heitz to make the ultimate backcountry glove, they knew they’d need something that performed on another level. You see, Jérémie has a reputation as one of the fastest freeskiers in the world. He combines extreme skiing with extreme alpinism to drop in from some of the highest, most desolate places on Earth. The key to making a glove good enough for Jérémie was insulation that could keep his hands both warm and dry—all while maintaining a low profile for dexterity.

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The solution was Polartec Alpha®. Originally developed for the U.S. military, Alpha was specifically designed for thermoregulation during the extreme temperature variations and start-stop conditions of combat. These are times when shedding layers isn’t really an option. During low activity, Alpha provides excellent insulation. During high activity, the insulation moves moisture vapor away from the body before it can cause overheating and discomfort. In other words: It’s the perfect insulation for the highs and lows of backcountry skiing.

To make Jérémie’s ideal glove, Reusch wrapped this Alpha insulation with weatherized goatskin for robust weather protection and grip. In lower-wear areas, a stretchy soft shell layer provides ultimate freedom of movement. The Heat Capture System™ cuffs hold in warmth while keeping out the elements. And the ergonomic design allows for the most natural feel and hand movement. The resulting gloves are snug-fitting, tough, super supple, warm and breathable. 

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