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In a year like no other, the 2020 Polartec Apex Awards celebrates the best of product design and innovation from the Outside In. Experience the full collection on the ​Apex Awards website​.

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The 2020 Apex Award Winners

66 N Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 01

66ºNorth ​Suðureyri Polartec® NeoShell®​ Coat​​ —​ A stylish and technical trench coat cut from soft, stretchy, durable Polartec® NeoShell®​. This fabric provides full waterproof protection with outstanding breathability that prevents moisture build-up inside. The pattern of the coat is based on a 70s heritage piece from the 66ºNorth​​archives.

Burton Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 07

Burton Women’s [ak] Baker Hi-Loft Pants — Snowboard pants made from a hybrid construction of ultra soft and compressible Polartec® High Loft® fleece, and stretchy, sweat-wicking, contouring Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™. Both fabrics are placed into performance zones to maximize riding capabilities on cold days.

Griffin Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 12 12

Griffin Reversible Bomber Jacket ​​—​​ A timeless bomber silhouette with iconic ​Woolrich Buffalo Check​ print, made from our original shearling fleece. Polartec®​ Thermal Pro®​ adds warmth without weight and a richness in texture. The jacket is lightweight enough for reversibility, revealing a sleek blue side fit for the city.

Gulch Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 05

Gulch Men’s Inceptor Insulated Vest​​ — ​A specialized hunting vest made from Polartec®​ Alpha®​ Direct active insulation for regulated, breathable warmth, a fabric originally constructed for US Special forces. The vest is designed with a revolutionary camouflage pattern created by a former Pixar animator and avid hunter.

Indygena Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 04

Indygena Pecora ​​—​ A classic pullover sweater designed with Polartec® ​​Thermal Pro®​. Our original shearling fleece fabric provides great warmth, breathability, and versatility in cold conditions. A winter layer that can be worn in any circumstance.

Karpos Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 09

Karpos Miage Jacket​ — A ski mountaineering jacket built for speed and resistance. ​It features lightweight, breathable 90g Polartec® Alpha®​ Direct active insulation for warmth while also releasing heat build up. Polartec Hardface®​ provides an additional performance layer with the abrasion and moisture-resistance needed to navigate the alpine terrain.

K way Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 10

K-Way R&D Collection - Cloto Skirt / Atropo Pant / Claude Jacket / Andersen Pant / Hans Crew Neck​ — From the R&D collection, a limited edition of unique pieces made entirely in Polartec® ​​Thermal Pro®​. Classic shearling knit into a stylish selection that doesn’t lose form and keeps its comfortable nature. A collection that’s ‘Made To Be Special,’ designed by K-Way’s R&D department.

OVO Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 03

October’s Very Own (OVO) Polartec®​ Power Stretch®​ Pro™ Collection ​- ​Zip Hoodie / Pant / Balaclava ​​—​ ​A complete head-to-toe streetwear collection made of Polartec®​ Power Stretch® Pro™​, a warm and comfortable fleece with four-way stretch and abrasion resistance. ​Each piece offers clean lines and a relaxed fit that both forms to the body and sits easy for winter in the city.

Prana Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 08

prAna Men’s Tri Thermal Threads Overshirt ​​—​ Part shirt, part jacket, all knit with Polartec®​ Thermal Pro®​ to deliver a healthy dose of warmth. On the outer shell, a densely knitted yarn creates a classic heather sweater look, while the inside has a soft velour finish for extra coziness. A piece that’s easy to wear indoors and out.

Santini Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 02

Santini Official UCI Rainbow Casual Jacket​​ —​ The official ​après ride jacket made in partnership with UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale, the governing body of competitive cycling). Santini uses ​Polartec®​ Power Air™​ to create a premium fleece product that provides extraordinary warmth and comfort while also reducing shedding of microfibers.

Snow Peak Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 11

Snow Peak Flexible Insulated ​Cardigan​ / ​Pullover​ / ​Shirt​ / Pants​​ —​ A collection of minimal design with maximum comfort. These iconic Snow Peak pieces are designed with Polartec® Alpha® insulation for lightweight, breathable warmth and flexibility, making for a comfortable fit.

Supreme Polartec® Overalls — Supreme chose Polartec® 200 Series fleece for its functionality, employing it in a classic overall silhouette. Resilient, lightweight and warm, Polartec classic fleece is the original technical fleece, trusted for nearly 40 years. (Not pictured)

Xenith Apex Winner Blog Images 110220 FIN 06

Xenith Under the Lights Polartec® Delta™ Short Sleeve ​​—​ Made with Polartec®​ Delta™​ cooling fabric –– which uses a unique composition and texture to disperse perspiration, reduce cling and increase airflow for evaporative cooling –– this is an ultimate top for grueling workouts where sweat is inevitable and there is no room for distractions.