February 25, 2021
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Baker Boyd: The Freak

Baker Boyd is an absolute freak. It’s not an insult. It’s what he calls himself and his group of friends, “Aspen’s fastest ski gang,” aka The Freaks. The homegrown collective began skiing together on Aspen Mountain as kids, honing their craft and perfecting their model: Ski fast, ski hard, and ski as much as you can.

As a co-founder of The Freaks, Baker reps the gang’s ethos everywhere he goes. He is a monster skier. He skis fast and powerfully, but with a quiet form and smooth style. He makes the hard stuff look easy. It’s like he’s standing still, and the mountain moves around him — A complete natural.

Baker candid

Baker’s come a long way since his first sponsorship at age 6. He’s gained more attention from the ski world outside Aspen, thanks to his newfound productivity with content, growing media presence, and support from various outdoor brands. Baker’s been a Polartec athlete since 2017 and has put our gear through the paces. He goes hard on his equipment and tests our full range of fabric technologies to the max, so we know that Polartec gear stays ski-ready.

Because of his sponsorships and growing media exposure in the ski world, Baker was prominently featured in the last two Warren Miller films: Timeless (2019) & Future Retro (2020). But for those who can’t catch the premieres, Baker makes his own video content too, and you can see a couple of them below. Baker Boyd is making a name for himself. And the best part is, he does it for fun and he does it for The Freaks.


Watch Baker rip through his home turf of The Rockies. Odaroloc has a little bit of everything Baker likes to ski in Colorado; touring, pillows, lifts, snowmobile laps, and couloirs with some friends. Baker kept Polartec​®​ Alpha​®​ active insulation on him at all times, because varying weather conditions require versatile temperature regulation.


Step into Hokkaido’s backcountry, also known as Ezo, where Baker shreds through the treasure trove of powder found in Northern Japan. Conditions are unpredictable in this terrain, which is why Baker rocked his breathable waterproof Polartec​®​ NeoShell​®​ jacket to keep him dry inside and out.

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