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Dunning combines luxury performance fabrics with clean designs to create a collection of technical golf sportswear for men. Always engineering its pieces around the player, Dunning considers the different movements a golfer performs during the course of a round. When developing styles for colder rounds, Dunning looked to Polartec® for a versatile solution.

Made from Polartec® Wind Pro®, the Ardberg Full Zip Vest and the Ellister Full Zip Jacket are some of the most premium layering pieces Dunning has produced. The fabric technology was selected for its lightweight warmth and flexibility, combined with a unique construction that protects against wind chill while maintaining critical breathability.

“Polartec’s commitment to forging new paths in the apparel space is ultimately why we chose to partner with them. From a brand standpoint, their history and passion of industry disruption is truly impressive.”

- Chris Frame, Director of Marketing for Dunning