In the quest for excellence, every stride propels you closer to reaching new heights – not just in elevation but in performance and personal bests. Since 1929 when outdoor enthusiast Jørgen Jørgensen began his search for reliable outdoor equipment rugged enough to handle Norway’s harsh terrain, Norrøna has equipped many of the world’s best athletes with its high-performance, top-notch sportswear. Today, four generations later, the family owned and operated company is determined to outfit people for success in every endeavor. 

Based near Oslo, Norway, Norrøna continues to advance the boundaries of style, comfort, and performance. Aligned with its goal to create the world's greatest outdoor products, the award-winning Norwegian brand has been using Polartec® high-performance fabrics for decades to create decidedly functional design-bred solutions that deliver the highest-grade, weather-protective products for all your outdoor needs. 

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Transcending Boundaries 

Norrøna’s meticulous attention to detail and steadfast search for excellence help you go farther, faster and longer. Just ask Giuliano Bordoni, freerider, ice climber and mountain guide who puts his gear to the test day after day. Having scaled more than 50 new icefall routes and mastered the most formidable frozen faces nature could offer, Giuliano trusts Norrøna to elevate his experience whether tackling mountain peaks, pushing his physical limits, or simply navigating the wild and romantic valley he calls home.  

From trail running and mountain biking to ski touring, ice climbing and mountaineering, Giuliano’s life has been punctuated by the thrill of exploring uncharted territories. So, when we asked him about his go-to Norrøna favorites, it was no surprise that the Lyngen Alpha 90 jacket, featuring premium Polartec® Alpha Active Insulation technology, was at the top of the list. 

Flexible, protective and extremely light, Polartec® Alpha Direct is a unique and sustainable recycled insulation engineered to provide all-day warmth while releasing excess moisture and body heat. Because Alpha technology is designed to work in demanding stop-start conditions, it effortlessly adapts to your body’s internal temperature to keep you cool when you’re active and ensure reliable warmth when you’re not. The result is unrestrained freedom, comfort and breathability without the added bulk. 

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Sustainable lightweight durability 

“We build touchstone products, establish construction techniques, and redefine the meaning of fit, fabric, function, and finish, based on our design principle of Loaded Minimalism™: great products made as clean as possible with all critical details.” 

Jørgen Jørgensen, Norrøna’s fourth generation CEO and owner 


The strong ties between Norrøna and Polartec® are rooted in the very nature of what sets the two iconic companies apart. Undeniably, the search for quality, innovation, respect for nature and an increasingly circular business model are shared values that go beyond their pioneering visions. “Both Norrøna and Polartec® strive to be the best in their fields and dare to do things differently,” explains Karolina Pustelnik, Norrøna Material Developer. “Innovative thinking is something that builds and nurtures the bond between us.” 

With Polartec® introducing the first fabrics made from post-consumer recycled plastics in the early 90s and Norrøna pursuing the ambitious goal of leaving zero trace in nature, the companies are paving the way for game-changing outdoor apparel featuring Polartec’s award-winning Active Insulation, recycled fleeces, woven insulation and technical knits. Indeed, Polartec® Alpha is now featured in everything, from Norrøna’s lightweight thermodynamic base layers to its highly thermal fleece midlayers. 

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360° commitment to nature 

Norrøna’s unwavering sustainability pledge has now become a 360° experience at its new 3000m2 Flagship store and headquarters near Oslo. Towering over 5 meters tall, the complex features the largest and most immersive flagship store to date – complete with interactive references to the brand’s 94-year legacy and design philosophy – in addition to a dedicated area for REuse, Norrøna’s very first secondhand store. And just below the amazingly high sky roof is Norrøna’s very own Storm Lab, the perfect setting for its in-house designers and loyal customers to test new as well as old products.  

So whether you’re ready to check out new styles, REfresh your gear for the new season, take advantage of Norrøna’s REfit tailoring services, or REcycle Norrøna items not in use, REfresh your gear to prep for the new season, Norrøna House has you covered. And be sure to check out Naturen Brasserie, an avant-garde Nordic restaurant featuring locally sourced ingredients, exposed raw materials, and spectacular views of Fåbrofossen waterfall, opening  soon  this year! 

“We said that we can create the most insane, coolest retail concept in the world if we were given the right framework conditions and now we have.”

Jørgen Jørgensen.

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