For most people, “shoot for the stars” is a matter of speech. For twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball, it’s just another day in the office. Since 2015, Vollebak has been mastering the alchemy of science, technology and visionary-thinking to create mind-blowing clothing that’s centuries ahead of its time. From award-winning attire built for Mars to the world’s first solar charged jacket, Vollebak is making the disruptive future-facing gear that others haven’t dared to even dream about.  

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Clothing to outlive you 

Ask anyone whose anyone about Vollebak and they’ll probably talk about the brand’s future-forward vision. Or the idea that Vollebak’s design philosophy centers around preparing for whatever the elements throw at youfrom flash floods, extreme heat and humidity to wildfires and sub-zero temperatures. And while it’s obvious that you’re not necessarily going to actually face any of these extremes… Vollebak wants to make sure you’re ready if you do.  

Just take a look at the newest 100 Year Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Sweatpants. Made from Polartec® Wind Pro™ FR, the super stretchy, ultrasoft fleece-lined construction is windproof, water resistant, abrasion resistant, fire resistant, and can withstand temperatures 4x hotter than the sun. Oh, and in case you haven’t already figured it out, they’re made to last 100 years… if not more. 

Serious protection 

Aligned with the brand’s future-forward thinking, Vollebak’s 100 Year range is designed to protect the wearer from extreme weather, wildfires and other natural disasters. Hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes?  Vollebak has you covered. Because in addition to certified flame resistance, Polartec® Wind Pro™ FR features a tight yet breathable knit construction engineered for up to 4x greater wind resistance than regular synthetic fleece. All while swiftly adapting to changing climates to ensure long-lasting, next-to-skin comfort in the most challenging conditions. No wonder it was the perfect choice for Vollebak. 

“Our 100 Year range has always been crazily tough. In working with Polartec technologies, the range is highly windproof, abrasion resistant, water repellent, fire resistant, and can withstand temperatures 4x hotter than the sun. So, they’re not exactly your average chillout gear.” 

cit. Steve Tidball, Co-Founder and CEO, Vollebak.

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Challenging the Norm 

Not only do Steve and Nick push the limits with their unorthodox ideas, they have the tenacity to turn them into real projects and products that are insane… but in a good way. Simply put, the London-based brand is constantly transforming the codes when it comes to what people wear and why they wear it.

Vollebak’s 100 Year range is designed to be worn anywhere, all year round, whatever you (or the weather) are doing.  No surprise here; the sweatshirt, overhead hoodie, zip through hoodie, and sweatpants feature 4 different layers of technology and the material alone takes 20 weeks to make. So, in addition to the cozy Polartec® Wind Pro™ FR fleece lining, the outside is coated with the patented Polartec® Hardface™ polymer surface treatment, rendering the garments incredibly resistant to abrasion, snagging and ripping.

Known for using advanced material technology to tackle the fundamental challenges of the next century - space, climate change, human health, and sustainability - Vollebak’s new 100 Year Range is a collection that’s made to outlive, not be thrown away. 

Polartec and Vollebak: pushing the boundaries of planet-focused innovation.

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