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For cyclists who cringe at the thought of hitting the trainer once winter rolls around, good news is here. Ale' Cycling and Polartec have teamed up to prove that with the right gear, every adventure is fair game, even cold weather cycling. With two new jackets that scoff at Mother Nature's whims and are ready to conquer any road, rain or shine.

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Introducing the Ale' Cycling Defence jacket, a secret weapon against the elements. Powered by Polartec® Windbloc® designed as an advanced barrier constructed to hold up against the strongest winds. Windbloc’s membrane puts a halt to outside moisture and airflow at the microscopic level to guarantee weather protection. But the Defence jacket isn't just about defying the weather; it's breathable too, keeping the rider warm without letting the build-up of sweat ruin the ride. This lightweight and high-stretch riding top offers mobility with the ability to keep a stable core body temperature, all while drying as quickly as turning the pedals.

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As the Defence jacket battles the wind, the Polartec-powered Riparo Jacket provides warmth and water resistance. Inspired by the Italian word for "shelter," this jacket shields cyclists from the elements during harsh rides. Insulating and breathable, the Riparo is the ultimate choice for intervals, climbs, descents, low temperatures, and changing conditions. The weather-resistant jacket is crafted with Polartec® Alpha®, an active insulation and temperature-regulating technology with ultra-high breathability, releasing excess body heat and moisture while drying rapidly before the rider gets a sense of clamminess. The design is rounded out with a windproof exterior and treated with a durable water-repellency (DWR) finish for exceptional protection from the elements. As its name suggests, the Riparo is a haven for the body in the most frigid conditions.

Together, Ale' Cycling and Polartec are taking performance riding outerwear to new heights with these cutting-edge jackets. Polartec's patented fabrics enable optimal comfort, warmth, and protection no matter the weather forecast, empowering riders to conquer wind, rain, and cold on any road. Don’t let chilly weather confine cycling to indoors, make the most of these crisp days in style and comfort with the Defence and Riparo jackets. 

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