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Ever since humans spun flax into yarn, we’ve been grinding up plants and digging up roots to make our clothing more colorful. Today, color is easy to come by: Most fabric comes pre-dyed. But for some, like Mossimo Osti of Bologna, Italy, those uniform fabrics and limited color palettes just don’t have the same… soul. So he developed his own method, which allowed him to make beautiful pieces in any color of the rainbow: garment dyeing.

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But wait, why are we talking about garment dying, anyway?

Because that very same Massimo Osti of Bologna, Italy is also the founder of our new partner: Italian sportswear brand C.P. Company. These connoisseurs of color have consistently flipped the fashion world on its head with innovation after innovation: Pioneering new materials like Rubber Wool and Rubber Flax, experimenting with modular clothing, and, in 1981, perfecting the technique that would allow the brand to apply garment dyeing to synthetic fabrics.

CP Grey Jacket

What you see here is the culmination of all that C.P. Company has learned: the new G.D.P. Hooded Goggle Jacket. This beautifully garment-dyed technical piece incorporates Polartec Alpha recycled insulation for consistent warmth during variable conditions. The multifilament nylon exterior is semi-translucent to offer a hint at the powerful insulation behind. Notice the subtle variations in color and texture brought out by the garment dyeing process. And then, of course, there’s the audacious built-in goggles which have become a trademark C.P. company design since 1987.

Whether you’re hitting the runway in Milan or a ski run in the Dolomites, you’ll be well covered by C.P. Company’s fashionable and functional G.D.P Hooded Goggle Jacket.