Guy Cotten Arctic Hoodie

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Commercial fishermen are some of the toughest people on the planet. While the rest of us stay warm and dry on land, these hearty souls are out on deck in 40-knot winds, sideways rain, and saltwater spray. The key to their success is gear that can weather the storm.

Guy Cotten has been making just such gear for over 50 years. Their rugged, waterproof garments have become the standard to keep fishermen safe and dry. From bibs and jackets you could wear under a waterfall to thermal layers comfortable enough for long days moving nets and traps—Guy Cotten is the go-to. Their durable, all-weather gear has caught on outside of commercial fishing, too: with sport fishermen, farmers, equestrians, and boaters of all stripes. If you’re out in harsh, wet conditions, Guy Cotten has you covered!

One of the brand’s standout garments is the Arctic Hoodie—made in the USA, and made with Polartec. Known as “the best hoodie in existence” among some fishermen, the hoodie combines durability, weather resistance, comfort, warmth and breathability. How? Polartec® Windpro® Fleece with Hardface® surface treatment.

Wind Pro® is Polartec’s premiere fabric for windy and wet environments, where you still need warmth and breathability. It’s made with a tighter-knit construction that reduces the amount of wind allowed in, while still remaining air permeable. A durable water repellent outer surface withstands moisture and rain. This stronger knit fleece is perfect for hard work or recreation in tough places.

And the Arctic Hoodie is made double-tough because of its Hardface® surface treatment. This innovative process fuses the fabric at the fiber level to increase abrasion resistance and water repellency. The added fabric protection extends the life of a garment without sacrificing performance and breathability.

Cozy as a fireplace, tough as nails, and made in the USA—it’s no wonder the Guy Cotten Arctic Hoodie is the choice of fishermen from Bristol Bay to the Gulf of Mexico.

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