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Marmot x Polartec: <p> The Un-baah-lievable Power <p> of Wool + Fleece

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Wool. The original performance fabric. It’s warmed everybody from Paleolithic cave dwellers to Sir Edmund Hillary. It keeps you warm even when it’s wet, resists odors, and grows annually on sheep. For several hundred years, it was the uncontested champion of outdoor insulation.

Then along came synthetics: lighter, softer, stretchier, more weather resistant. Soon fabrics like our very own Polartec Fleece took over among the alpinists and the dog walkers alike—beloved for their spectacular warmth-to-weight ratio, fuzzy softness, and workaday durability.

But… what if you could have both?

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Enter the new Marmot Orsa ½-Zip Hoodie, featuring Polartec High Loft™ fleece with merino wool. This cozy pullover gives you the best of all worlds: The high warmth-to-weight ratio of Polartec fleece with the natural odor resistance and oh-so-soft feel of merino wool. This is a fleece you can really live in awhile, without worrying about such pesky annoyances as laundry. It’s the perfect garment for multi-day hikes, long road trips, or just throwing on and off at your front door all winter.

The reason we made High Loft with merino wool was to enhance the exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio of High Loft by adding the time-tested qualities of wool. The high-loft construction gives you greater warmth and greater breathability, while the merino fibers are soft against the skin and odor-resistant. It’s much, much lighter and more compressible than grandpa’s old wool sweater, but still warmer than a hug from grandma. All of this with 52% of the fibers derived from renewable merino sheep!

So don’t be sheepish. Check out the Marmot Orsa today.