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<center>An Old-School Coach Jacket with New-School Polartec® NeoShell®</center>

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The coach jacket. An American icon, worn by everybody from Eazy-E to the FBI. With just a couple yards of nylon, a few metal snaps, and a folded collar, you, too, can look effortlessly cool. Unless it rains. Then you’ll just look wet.

But what if somebody made a coach jacket that could withstand some serious weather? One that still looked cool, but could actually handle cool conditions, too?

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Luckily for all of us, somebody just did. Introducing the new Mission Workshop X Afterschool Project collab: The Squad Jacket. Made at their studio in California, this futuristic coach jacket swaps out cheap nylon for breathable-waterproof Polartec® NeoShell®. Its fabric has 4-way stretch, so while it looks old-school, it moves like a new-school softshell. And the fully-taped seams, waterproof pockets and German Prym snaps mean there’s no way for moisture to break through its defense.

At the heart of the jacket is the highly advanced NeoShell membrane. Unlike other waterproof membranes, this one is optimized for extreme breathability—rapidly dispersing warm air and moisture vapor from the inside to the outside while maintaining a barrier against external moisture. Because what’s the point of a waterproof jacket if you’re soaked from the inside with sweat?

Stylish enough for any occasion, tough enough for any conditions, breathable enough for any activity—the Squad Jacket is ready to get in game. Put me in, coach!

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