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Embark on an epic cycling journey with Sportful's latest innovation, the Flanders Pro Jacket, a tribute to the legendary Tour of Flanders, a race synonymous with grueling terrain and unpredictable weather. In collaboration with Polartec, Sportful pays homage to this iconic event by creating an ultra-breathable jacket that stands up to the elements. 

Established in 1972, Sportful has consistently pushed the boundaries of sports apparel, marrying artisanal craftsmanship with a deep understanding of athletes' rigorous demands. With a rich history of dressing champions and influencing iconic events, Sportful stands as a beacon of innovation in the cycling world.

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At the core of the Flanders Pro Jacket is the revolutionary Polartec Neoshell® technology, an  advanced fabric offering unparalleled breathability and waterproofing, enabling cyclists to tackle challenging terrains and fickle weather patterns. By engineering optimal pore size and placement, NeoShell releases heat and moisture with a continuous air exchange that enhances natural thermoregulation while still providing the needed protection from all outside elements.

As Sportful continues to define the future of cycling apparel, this collaboration with Polartec sets a new standard for excellence. Whether conquering steep climbs or navigating dicey conditions, the Flanders Pro Jacket ensures riders remain in style, comfort, and the assurance of top-tier performance.

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