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LC23 x Polartec®

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Polartec Nylon Jacket Pink cop v2
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Fashion brand LC23 launches new FW21 collection using<br />Polartec recycled fleece: think bright, happy, comfortable

Fashion brand LC23 is known for its Italian, handmade pieces. Owner and designer Leo Colacicco founded the brand in 2010. Initially established as a shirt brand, it quickly became a purveyor of unisex ‘total-look’ essentials. This year the designs have capitalised on the versatility of Polartec Classic fleece.

Leo Colacicco has worked with Polartec® a great deal this year. Not only on the just launched FW21 LC23 collection, but on another collaboration too. The iconic, brightly coloured K-Way Polartec® armchair, which launched on the 9th September this year, is a perfect example of Leo’s ‘thinking outside the box’ approach to design. LC23’s FW21 collection that launched just two weeks later, once again uses Polartec® Classic fleece. The vibe is laid back luxe with a technical edge. Brightly coloured jackets are teamed with tailored joggers to create a ‘total-look’. The technical attributes aren’t overlooked either: warm, lightweight and breathable Polartec Classic fleece works well in this collection.

Classic synthetic fleece was invented in 1981 and changed the way we think about outdoor clothing. In fact TIME magazine named Polartec fleece as one of the most important inventions of all time. LC23 has chosen a recycled version of the Classic Series for its current collection. To date Polartec has saved over 1.8 billion plastic bottles from landfill, turning them into high quality, long-lasting, loved garments that you can wear and wear.

Polartec Nylon Jacket Pink 5 v2
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