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Pas Normal x Polartec®

Partner Product Release

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Need a motivation and performance boost?<br />Pas Normal's new activewear range will help you tackle your challenges head on

PAS NORMAL STUDIOS, with its new Balance collection, is giving its customers a much-needed boost. Beautifully designed and using some of today's most technically innovative fabrics like Polartec® Delta™, the collection comprises a range of activewear ideally suited to indoor fitness and cross-training activities.

The Balance collection has been designed to give the wearer that much-needed late-season motivation and performance boost. The inspiration they need to prepare them for that "just one more race" moment so that they can achieve the results they’ve been working towards all year. Polartec Delta has been used in the men's and women's T-shirt ranges: a perfect marriage given the end-use. Why? Indoor fitness and cross-training activities demand clothing that minimizes overheating and that's exactly what Delta has been designed to do. Known as Polartec's "Cooling Fabric" it works by using the body's natural cooling process – sweat.

Ordinarily next-to-skin fabrics target wicking and fast drying to keep moisture moving and this is where Delta differs. Yes, it wicks moisture away from the skin, but it works more efficiently than that. A bicomponent knit fabric, Delta uses both synthetic and natural yarns to manage moisture. These patent-pending radiating knit structures keep the wearer cooler in hot conditions by increasing airflow to dissipate heat. What's more, there's no cling. If you're looking for clothing that'll cope with the strains of a long competition season, then look no further.