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More than just outdoor apparel fabrics.


At Polartec® we not only engineer fabric to keep you warm & dry during your outdoor adventure, we also engineer the best workwear fabrics to keep you comfortable & safe in a wide range of dangerous conditions. Polartec® workwear fabrics are designed to work together to create a layering system that has less bulk, better mobility, greater comfort and more breathability, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.


These fabrics have been developed by working closely with military program managers and clothing offices around the world. Military garments made with Polartec® fabric provide soldiers the protection and comfort needed to achieve their mission in the world's most hostile environments. That's why we consider military garments made with Polartec® fabric as what our best people wear in the worst places.


Polartec® Home Collection fabrics provide unmatched breathability, durability and comfort for the indoors. Fleece blankets are offered in a wide variety of surface textures, weights and colors. Mattress ticking and mattress covers work with the body's natural ability to regulate temperature for a deeper, more restful sleep. Polartec® Home Collection fabrics are designed for easy care and outstanding comfort – for years of enjoyment.

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