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Erin Outdoors

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When the world went inside in March of 2020, travel photographer Erin Sullivan found a way to celebrate the outdoors from her studio apartment in Los Angeles — A personal Instagram project photographing miniature figurines on outdoor adventures: Our Great Indoors.

What started as a small quarantine project turned into a huge moment for Erin. Folks from all over the internet tuned in to see what illusory outdoor scene she would create next: Hiking through the Enchanted Broccoli Forest; Canoeing up a snowy Ice Cave; Staging a trip up the Syrup River to the Great Pancake Canyon.

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In her scenes, she masterfully captures light and creates a unique perspective, making sure each layer has intention. Erin created a world of adventure with just her bed, figurines, and some household items. Oh, and some excellent photo skills too.

Before The Great Indoors, Erin was already making waves as an outdoor traveler, adventure guide, photographer, and blogger. She tells stories from the road and the trail, focusing on genuine connections between the earth and its people. It’s how she turned her passion into a career. It eventually landed her brand partnerships, press features, and a spot for a brilliant TED Talk on living with intentionality (seriously, you have to watch it). Erin Outdoors is a force to be reckoned with.

An Arctic Adventure

Naturally, we just had to work with Erin to make something special using Polartec fabrics. We collaborated to create a whimsical arctic adventure from the perspective of a tiny penguin as she ventures into a big world full of wonder.

In this journey, the tiny penguin leaves the nest for the first time exploring her home in the arctic. She stumbles upon an icy forest and the glacial lakes. She meets snowy acquaintances along the way. In the end, she is greeted with the magic of the Northern Lights.

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We used a wide variety of Polartec fabrics to create the scenes: A fluffy white Alpha insulation, the cozy, original Fleece; a comfy classic called Power Stretch; and a unique fabric designed to reduce fiber shedding called Power Air. Erin studied each fabric, its texture, and the way it holds in the light to make a perfect wintry scene.

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Outdoor adventurers have used our fabrics for 30 years to create their own stories. So it’s no surprise that an artist like Erin can do the same thing, but with just a tiny twist. Erin inspired us to use our fabrics to tell a story like we never have before, just as she inspires folks from around the world to create new adventures.


Erin Sullivan

Travel Photographer & Passionate Outdoorswoman

Erin is a travel photographer, passionate outdoorswoman, and curious on-camera host who is in love with this planet. The space she’s in is somewhere i...

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