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Roark x Polartec®

Exploring Moisture Management

Roark was born when its founders felt their surf favorites had gotten too big for their boardshorts. Named for a fictional swashbuckling, whiskey-swilling Irishman, Roark travels the world and returns with "artifacts" (read: products) that have since stretched the brand's offerings far beyond the realm of surfdom.

Since Roark's first trip in 2009, each of his journeys has resulted in a new collection of "Adventure Ready Goods," reflective of the culture and climate of his far-flung destinations. But the clever storytelling belies the authenticity that Roark (the brand) brings to product design. They have a very real focus on quality and technical performance, unfailingly delivered in a more mature, but still unmistakably surf, style.

They call it "Purpose-driven design." We call it @#^%$ awesome.

Bespoke Moisture Management

Moisture management tailored to the activity and condition is well-trodden territory for us, so we've played guide to Roark's explorations in the region. Exhibit A: these three premium base layers made with Polartec® Power Dry® fabric for the ultimate next-to-skin, moisture-wicking experience.

POLR 0724 FP Roark Blog 2 Well Worn Tee

The Well Worn Trail Knit Top is a simple, short-sleeve pocket tee, primed for morning runs when you want to stay dry to stave off that dewy chill.

POLR 0724 FP Roark Blog 3 Trailblazer Pocket

The Trail Blazer Long Sleeve Knit offers the same mechanical-wicking technology in a casual, pocketed long-sleeve, ideal for a trusty fall camping layer or winter sport base layering.

POLR 0724 FP Roark Blog 4 Trailblazer Henley

And finally, we love the Trail Blazer Long Sleeve Knit Top — the Henley version — for a versatile look that delivers in the heat of the moment.

These handsome staples boast unparalleled performance thanks to Power Dry's advanced bi-component knit construction. Precisely selected and oriented fibers produce a mechanical-wicking effect that keeps the wearer dry with continuous evaporation. Power Dry's interior hydrophilic fibers quickly move moisture away from the skin and towards the exterior surface, where hydrophobic fibers disperse that moisture for quicker dry times. This prevents saturation and regulates body temperatures in both hot and cold conditions.

Run Amok

POLR 0724 FP Roark Blog 5 Run Amok

While it's not our first voyage together, Roark's "Run Amok" series has solidified our travel buddy status for the foreseeable future. Emboldened by their earlier incursions into Power Dry's moisture management possibilities, Roark's second run of the series recently splashed down, setting a new standard for technical shirting. This time Roark returns inspired by Morocco, the cultural crossroads where bohemians and expats have sought refuge for generations.

POLR 0724 FP Roark Blog 6 Willow Freedom

The Willow Freedom and Chaos Knit leverages Power Dry's mechanical-wicking technology in a casual yet technical tee with a new Run Amok design. And because we're responsible world travelers, Roark's using a 100% recycled Power Dry style.

To complete the look, don't forget to delve into the as-of-yet undiscovered corners of the new Run Amok collection. You'll find shorts, hats, jackets, and even a few older memories of past Roark x Polartec ventures.

Into the Cooling Fabric Wander

We're not sure where Roark ran off to to return with this next piece, but wherever it was, it must've been hot as hell.

POLR 0724 FP Roark Blog 7 Delta Hoodie

The Shelter Long Sleeve Knit Pullover is the only Polartec® Delta™ Cooling Fabric sun hoodie on the market. Rated 30 UPF and packing Delta's patented cooling technology, you've found the best sun protection solution for long days on the river, at the festival, or wherever UV rays find you.

As we well know, staying totally dry isn't always the answer. For high-intensity activity in the hottest conditions, look no further than Polartec® Delta™. Unlike fabrics that use a treatment to produce a superficial cooling effect, Delta's cooling abilities are built directly into the fabric itself.

Its groundbreaking construction uses conical, hydrophilic knit structures to hold moisture next-to-skin. These are surrounded by hydrophobic fibers to create open air channels that move air around the trapped moisture to compound its cooling effects. Pretty cool, right?

Bon Voyage

We're always stoked to tag along for another one of Roark's epic journeys and can't help but wonder where he'll take us next. Here's hoping it's somewhere a little cooler… we have tons of thermoregulating solutions for colder climes, too. But you already knew that.

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