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Premium Cold-Weather Performance

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Santini x Polartec — The Ultimate Cold-Weather Cycling Kit

The real challenge facing all cyclists throughout the winter is finding a way to keep pedalling when temperatures drop. Santini Cycling Wear responded to this dilemma with a line of winter apparel made from Polartec fabrics that deliver unparalleled performance. The jacket, bib-tights, base layer, and glove liners — all Italian-made — adapt effortlessly to the rapid variations in temperature typical of fall and winter, to provide wearers with dynamic heat regulation in all conditions.

It's no coincidence that the entire line was one of the winners of the prestigious Polartec Apex Awards for stylishly designed, on-trend products that that push boundaries and unlock the full potential of our fabric technologies.

Adapt action

Power Wool™ : warmth meets compressibility

Unpredictable weather is a constant consideration for cyclists, and to tackle it, Santini suggests the Adapt bib-tights created in collaboration with Polartec.

Santini Adapt bib-tights respond brilliantly to variations in temperature. They’re ideal for the fall and spring, when temperatures swing considerably throughout the day, and will provide adequate protection for milder, early winter days. The bib-tights are made from Polartec® Power Wool™, a revolutionary dual-component knit fabric that combines the best of both natural and synthetic fibers, all without blending. Their inner layer is made from soft, odor-reducing Merino wool, while the outer layer is durably built with a hard-wearing synthetic. The Polartec solution helps regulate body temperature in two ways: it breathes to keep the body cool as it heats up during exercise while still insulating to keep it warm when the temperature drops.


Alpha® : Active Insulation

The cozy, comfortable Santini Alpha sleeveless base layer is made from Polartec Alpha®, the latest in "active insulation" technology designed to regulate body temperature in varying conditions. This innovative, hard-wearing fabric — which comes in either black or white — keeps the wearer warm while still wicking away sweat for superior breathability

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Power Shield® Pro™ : comfortably dry

The Vega Multi jacket was designed in collaboration with Polartec using Polartec Power Shield® Pro®, a waterproof fabric (5,000 mm water column) that is also extremely light and breathable. The exceptional breathability of the Power Shield® Pro® membrane allows both excess heat and moisture vapor from sweat to escape.

The jacket is built to tackle a variety of weather conditions with confidence and is heat-sealed for complete rain protection. The sleeves are raw cut and lined in light thermal fleece with a longer, waterproof PU outer layer at the cuffs and on the back for better protection from the elements.

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